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Home Courts 22nd Judicial District Jury Information Montezuma Combined Courts
Home Courts 22nd Judicial District Jury Information Montezuma Combined Courts
Montezuma Combined Courts
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*** Cellular phones are required to be turned off upon arrival to the Court. ***


Helpful Information specifically for Montezuma County citizens.

**When you receive a Summons for Jury Duty, you MUST appear unless you are POSTPONED, EXCUSED or DISQUALIFIED as authorized by the Jury Commissioner.   You may be postponed only once and the court requires you to return your signed affidavit found in the center of your summons, an e-mail or request in e-mail from this web-site.  Disqualifications from jury service requires a note from your Doctor.

**Several jury trials may be set, more than one on the same date and others on different dates.  This web-site includes current information on the number of trials set and the dates they are to be held.  This web-site will be updated as trials are added or vacated.

**The Jury Line recording on (970) 564-5031 will state a general announcement, unless a specific trial date is coming up soon.  Then the recording will be changed to a new announcement that will inform you if an upcoming jury trial remains scheduled.

**You may bring a seat or back cushion, sweater, and reading material.  Everyone will be searched by a Security Officer.  No one should bring knives, weapons or mace into the Courthouse.  Purses and bags will be searched.  Hats need to be removed in the courtroom.  No food or drinks are allowed in the courthouse.

**When you appear in the courtroom for jury duty, you will be checked in by the Jury Commissioner.  If you are chosen to serve please be aware that jury trials in District Court may last more than one day.  You are responsible to make arrangements for childcare and your transportation.  Court is in session on trial days normally from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with an hour for lunch.

Thank you very much.  Your services are needed and appreciated.



Reporting Location
865 North Park Street, Suite 100
Cortez CO 81321

Jury Line: 970-564-5031
Jury Fax: Not available

Picture for Montezuma Combined Courts
Jury Commissioner
Erin McGinn
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