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Home Courts By District 19th Judicial District Records Requests
Home Courts By District 19th Judicial District Records Requests
Records Requests
Nineteenth Judicial District Court Records, Weld County Combined Courts

Records and Document Requests

Records available online

Online statewide general information records searches are available by accessing . You will be charged $5.00 per name. If you need more in-depth information or copies of specific documents from a Weld County case, please see the information below.

Records available at the Research Window of the Clerk’s Office, 915 10th Street, Greeley

The Nineteenth Judicial District Clerk of Court is the custodian of records for the Weld County Courts. Most court File/S are public record and may be viewed by anyone, however if you are not a party to the case the court is required to review the requested documents and remove (redact) protected information. A $20.00/hour fee is assessed for this service.

There is no charge for viewing open cases unless redaction is required; there is a minimum $5 fee if you are not a party to the case and do not have a case number. There may be additional fees of $20/hour if redaction is required. Access to some File/S is limited either by court order or by statute. Everyone requesting access to court records will be asked to show government issued picture identification.

The Weld County Combined Court’s file room is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you are not a party to the case and information must be removed or redacted, the File/S may not be immediately available to you.

If you do not have a specific case number available, you will need to complete a written request. You must provide the name, date of birth and types of cases you are interested in viewing. 
1990 – present search fee $5.00 per individual name or business
1975 – 1989 search fee $20.00 per individual name or business
Prior to 1975 search fee is $20.00/hour per individual name or business

            $.75 per page for copies
            $20.00 per document for certification
            $.25 for computer generated documents

Divorce Decree – we require a notarized copy of your driver’s license if requesting via mail
            $20.75 for certified copy of divorce decree
            $25.75 for certified copy including a copy of permanent orders, support orders or separation agreement
            If the file is at remote storage, an additional $20.00 fee will be assessed

If you are requesting a divorce decree for someone other than yourself, protected information will be redacted (removed) from the document.  Access to the separation agreement, parenting plan, and financial affidavits in divorce cases is restricted to parties to the case and attorneys of record. Please include a Xerox notarized copy of your driver’s license along with your request.

General Records Requests

Transcript Requests

Administrative Records Requests (Rule 38)

Records Requiring Retrieval from Remote Storage
Some court records are stored at a remote location. There is an additional $25.00 fee for retrieving File/S or documents and retrieval may take 3 to 5 business days. Information is available at the Research Window or through the email address below.

 Mail-In Requests
If you are unable to conduct research in person you may submit a records request by mail. All research requests must include:
            Case number if available
            Case name 
            Title of document requested 
            Appropriate fees – certified check or money order payable to “Weld County Combined Courts”
            Legal sized, self-addressed, stamped with appropriate return postage.

Mail to:             Weld County Combined Courts 
                                    Records Research 
                                    PO Box 2038
                                    Greeley, CO 80632

State and Federal laws require us to protect certain documents and information in court File/S, such as driver’s license numbers, social security numbers, medical reports, etc. If you are a party to the case you may have access to these documents. Please include a Xerox notarized copy of your driver’s license along with your request.

A general guide outlining protected and unprotected information has been developed to assist you in determining if the information you are seeking is available for non-parties.

Any questions please email Melinda Blair or phone at 970 475-2408.

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