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Home Courts By District 13th Judicial District Information and Resources for Those Without an Attorney
Home Courts By District 13th Judicial District Information and Resources for Those Without an Attorney
Information and Resources for Those Without an Attorney
Basics of a Divorce

Looking to learn more about the divorce process? Our quick video walks you through divorce

basics and timeline and answers many of your questions about this often complex process.


Timeline of a Divorce

Learn all about the timeline of a divorce and what to expect throughout the family court process.


Expert Testimony

Thinking about using an expert in your family law hearing? Watch this video to

better understand the process and learn a few practical tips for success.


        Enforcement of Family Law Court Orders                      

Having trouble with your ex not following court orders?

Find out how to remedy things in this short video!

Court forms referenced in the video can be found here:



Protection Orders: Case Procedures
Protection Orders: Safety Planning
Protection Orders: Violations
Protection Orders: First Hearing
Protection Orders: Forms
Protection Orders: Evidence


           U-Visas and VAWA                    


              How to Present Your Case in Court                                                      

Representing yourself in court? Watch this video to learn from a judge

on best practices and tips for presenting your case in court.


How to Find Colorado Court Forms

Wondering what form to file for your case in court?

Check out this great resource from the Pikes Peak Library District.


Searching the Colorado Revised Statutes

Representing yourself in court? Check out the Colorado Revised Statutes to do any research on your case.

This resource is from the Pikes Peak Library District.




Reasonable Accommodations and

Modification in Housing

Do you have a disability? Wondering how to ask for a reasonable

accommodation or modification in housing? Find out how to advocate

for your own needs through a request for a reasonable accommodation or modification.


                  Assistance Animals in Housing          

Wondering about what types of animals you can have as a tenant?

We explain service animals, emotional support animals, assistance animals

and more in this video.


Crucial Conversations with Your Landlord

Wondering how to approach a difficult conversation with your landlord?

We have a few tips for you as you think about having this conversation.


Security Deposits

Got questions about security deposits? We’ve got answers: from how they work,

to how to get your money back, deadlines, and more…


Mutial Rescission of Lease

Did you know that there's an alternative to eviction that's more cost-effective?

Find out if a mutual rescission could be right for you, AND how to ask for one.


All videos used with permission from The Justice Center PO Box 429, Colorado Springs, CO 80901


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