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Home Courts By County El Paso County Virtual Courtrooms - El Paso
Home Courts By County El Paso County Virtual Courtrooms - El Paso
Virtual Courtrooms - El Paso
El Paso County Combined Courts
Please note:  Parties should appear in person at the courthouse, unless otherwise authorized to appear by telephone or WebEx

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, the 4th Judicial District has implemented virtual courtrooms through WebEx in order to continue to provide essential judicial services to the public.

Please click the ICON for the Judge/Division that pertains to your case or the case you wish to observe.  If you are not a party to the case, you may not participate. 

To find a scheduled court date and division, click here for Court Docket Search.

Please keep in mind, a virtual courtroom has all the decorum requirements of a physical courtroom:

  • Professional attire is required when appearing in court in person or via video.  
  • Be prepared and organized.
  • Keep background noise to a mininum.
  • Be in a location with excellent cellular or internet service.
  • Only one person should talk at a time. Do not interrupt or talk over others.
  • Your case may not be called right away and may take longer than if you were physically present. Please be patient.
  • Making any video or audio recordings of WebEx court proceedings is strictly prohibited.

For online Webex training for attorneys and all court hearing participants click here:

Free access to virtual courtrooms via library laptops - click here for additional information

District Court - Divisions 1 through 5



District Court - Divisions 6 through 9



District Court - Divisions 10 through 14



District Court - Divisions 15 through 19



District Court - Divisions 20 through 24



Division DST


Division ADV - Bonded Advisement


County Court - Divisions A through D



County Court - Divisions E through J



Division FAC - First Appearance Center



Divisions K through NCS



Divisions O through S



   Divisions V through Z



Division VID - Video Advisement


      Recovery Court


FAMILY COURT FACILITATORS - Initial Status Conference


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