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Home Courts By County Pueblo County 10th Judicial District Administrative Orders
Home Courts By County Pueblo County 10th Judicial District Administrative Orders
10th Judicial District Administrative Orders

91-01 Attorney Mail Pick-Up

06-02 Transportation of Court Files

06-07 Consolidation of Criminal and Juvenile Deliquency Cases

10-03 Order Establishing Protocol for Electonic Transmission of Arrest and Search Warrants

11-04 Pretrial Conferences in District Court

11-05 Transport of In-Custody Defendants

12-01 Regarding Expanded Media Coverage

12-03 Regarding Criminal and Juvenile Case Exhibits and Physical Evidence

12-06 Designation of Probate Specialist

13-02 Appointing County Court Judges and Magistrates in Juvenile Matters

13-06 Regarding Notice to Set

14-01 Bond Advisements

14-06 Attorney-Inmate Conference Rooms in the Dennis Maes Judicial Building

14-07 Food and Drink in the Dennis Maes Judicial Building

14-11 Mandatory E-Filing in Criminal Cases

14-12 Designating Weld Adolescent Resources, Inc.

15-06 Pretrial Services Advisory Board

15-12 Prohibiting Certain Activities at the Dennis Maes Judicial Building

15-13 Concerning Electronic Devices in the Dennis Maes Judicial Building, updated November 17, 2021

15-14 Delegating Custodial Authority for Records to District Administrator; Chief Probation Officer; Clerk of Court

16-03 Policy & Procedure Concerning Guardians & Conservators

16-07 Judicial Building Closures & Rescheduling Procedures

18-01 Public Access to Arrest Warrants

18-02 Mandatory E-Filing in Civil and Domestic Cases

18-04 Permission to Direct File

18-05 Transcripts as Official Court Record

20-04 Regarding Arrests and COVID-19 As Amended 05/13/2020

20-09 Regarding COVID-19 and Civil Jury Trials

20-12 Regarding COVID-19 and Arrests

21-01 Jury Trials and Court Operations in response to COVID-19 - Amended 07/12/2021

22-02 - Jury Trials in response to COVID-19

22-03 - Court Operatoins, Regarding Mask Mandates in the Dennis Maes Pueblo County Judicial Building

22-06 - Amended Order Concerning 48-Bond Hearings

23-02 - Review of Motions to Proceed in Forma Pauperis (MIFP)

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