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Home Courts By County Eagle County Collections & Online Payments
Eagle County Collections & Online Payments

To make a payment online click the On-Line Payment icon at the bottom of this page.

If you have been sentenced you may pay your traffic, misdemeanor, infraction and criminal cases online.  Two exceptions to paying online are, 1. If you have an OJW* owing and, 2. If you have an active bench warrant.  In those cases you must contact the court directly to pay fines and fees.  Suppressed cases are not accessible.

Please make all checks payable to:  Eagle Combined Court.  You MUST include your case number on the check or money order.  Please send payments to:

Eagle Combined Court

885 Chambers Avenue

P.O. Box 597

Eagle, Colorado 81631


The Court accepts online payments, money orders and certified or personal checks for payment of fines and court costs.  The Court accepts cash payments in person only. The Court also accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards; however, you can ONLY make a credit/debit card payment by either appearing at the Court window in person or by using the On-Line Payment system.

For past due cases that have been sent to collections please contact the following locations:


Professional Finance Company (PFC)

Toll Free: 855-267-5572


Municipal Services Bureau

Toll Free: 800-616-0166


* What is an OJW?

 OJW stands for Outstanding Judgment Warrant.  If an OJW is incurred a fee is still owed to the court on a ticket (citation).  If an OJW is put on your record it must be resolved or your license may be cancelled and denied.

 For Driver's License information:

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Online Payment of Fees & Fines
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