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Home Administration Court Services Office of Dispute Resolution Access & Visitation (AV) Information
Access & Visitation (AV) Information

Access & Visitation (AV) Mediation 
Access & Visitation mediation is a voluntary, problem-solving process assisted by a neutral third party (a mediator). The basic foundation is to assist parties involved in a dispute find ways to best resolve the issues. Additionally, parties are generally more satisfied with, and have greater ownership in, solutions which they have a role in creating. Even if total resolution of a dispute is not accomplished through mediation; the process can assist parties to identify underlying reasons for the dispute, narrow and clarify the issues, and discover areas of common ground and a potential resolution.

Access & Visitation mediation allows parents the opportunity to create their own parenting plan. A qualified mediator guides parents through discussions, eliminating obstacles that prevent the non-custodial parent from access and parenting time or more time with their children. Ultimately, a negotiated resolution is accomplished. The benefits of using this approach in family cases involving children are significant.

Access & Visitation mediation and other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes bridge the lines of communication between the custodial and noncustodial parents, preferably without court intervention or involvement.

Mediation is subject to the Colorado Dispute Resolution Act C.R.S., § 13-22-301, ET seq.


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