Judge Appointments
If you are looking for available judgeships through the state, please check the Judge Opportunities page in the careers section.
The information shown below contains judge appointments from 2014. To view information from another year please use the drop down box below.

Date Announcement Nominees Appointed
04/21/2014 13th Judicial District announces Sedgwick County Court vacancy 05/29/2014 Tera Neugebauer
04/07/2014 Three District Court vacancies announced in the 18th Judicial District 05/22/2014 Natalie Chase Frederick Martinez David Stevens
03/18/2014 First Judicial District announces District Court vacancy 05/08/2014 Todd L. Vriesman
03/17/2014 13th Judicial District announces Phillips County Court vacancy 04/28/2014 Kimbra Killin
03/13/2014 Sixth Judicial District announces San Juan County Court vacancy 05/06/2014 Anthony Edwards
02/12/2014 Eighth Judicial District announces Larimer County Court vacancy 03/31/2014 Joshua B. Lehman
02/10/2014 13th Judicial District announces Logan County Court vacancy 03/18/2014 Ray Ann Brammer
01/16/2014 Second Judicial District announces District Court vacancy 03/11/2014 Karen L. Brody

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