Yuma County Jury Information
Yuma County has 1 court location. Please choose a desired courtroom location from those listed below. At each court location, you will find:

To check the status of your trial click on "Choose this Location" below and choose the “Reporting Schedule” tab. If you need to request a postponement or disqualification, click on "Choose this Location" and then click on the Postponement Tab or the Disqualification Tab.

Due to courthouse security you will be asked to walk through an electronic scanner.  Please leave all sharp instruments, or other questionable items in your vehicle or at home.  Cell phones are not allowed in the courtroom please leave them in your car or at home.  Thanks for your cooperation in making the courthouse a secure environment.

Choose a Location
Picture of Yuma County Courthouse Yuma County Courthouse
310 Ash Street, Suite L
Wray CO 80758

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