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The initial charge of the Model Criminal Jury Instructions Committee is to review and revise the 1983 Colorado Criminal Jury Instructions, which were last formally supplemented in 1993 (along with 2003 and 2008 online supplements), and to publish a consolidated set of Colorado Criminal Jury Instructions that accurately reflect current constitutional, statutory, and case law. This revised publication shall provide a comprehensive resource for both courts and criminal practitioners in their preparation of instructions for specific cases.

After completion of the initial charge, the ongoing role of the Model Criminal Jury Instructions Committee shall be to periodically review, correct, update, and improve all criminal jury instructions.

Order Establishing Model Criminal Jury Instructions Committee 10-11-11



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 COLJI-Crim. (2008).
©The Supreme Court of Colorado. All rights reserved.


Table of Contents  Ch. 4-2 Burglary
Preface Ch. 4-3 Robbery
Ch. A General Directions Ch. 4-4 Theft
Ch. B Jury Orientation Ch. 4-5 Trespass and Criminal Mischief
Ch. C General Instructions Ch. 5 Offense Involving Fraud and Forgery
Ch. D Evidentiary Instructions Ch. 6 Incest, Child Abuse and Wrongs to Children
Ch. E Concluding General Instructions Ch. 6.5 Crimes Against At-Risk Adults and Juveniles
Ch. F Definitions Ch. 7-7 Sexual Conduct in Penal Institutions
Ch. G1 Culpability Ch. 8-1 Accessory
Ch. G2 Inchoate Offenses:  Attempt and Conspiracy Ch. 8-2 Escape and Offenses Relating to Custody
Ch. H Affirmative Defenses Ch. 9-1 Stalking (Public Peace and Order)
Ch. I Sanity Ch. 12 Offenses Relating to Firearms and Weapons
Ch. J General Interrogatory Form and Verdict Form Ch. 18 Offenses Relating to Controlled Substances
Ch. 3-1 Homicide and Related Offenses Ch. 42 Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Ch. 3-2 Assault and Related Offenses  
Ch. 3-3 Kidnapping and Related Offenses  
Ch. 3-4 Unlawful Sexual Behavior  
Ch. 4-1 Arson  




















Jury Instructions Criminal

UNOFFICIAL DRAFT for Review and Comment

Submitted to the Supreme Court September, 2003


The following is only a DRAFT of proposed Criminal Jury Instructions prepared by the Criminal Jury Instruction Committee of the Colorado Supreme Court. This draft is a work in progress and may have been modified without those changes appearing here. This DRAFT has not been approved by the Colorado Supreme Court.



2003 Draft
Preface Homicide and Related Offenses
  Assault and Related Offenses
General Directions  Kidnapping and Related Offenses
   Unlawful Sexual Behavior
Jury Orientation  Incest, Child Abuse and Wrongs to Children
General Instructions  Morals: Sexual Conduct in Penal Institutions
Evidentiary Instructions  Arson
Concluding General Instructions  Burglary
Inchoate Offenses: Attempt and Conspiracy  Theft
 Accessory  Trespass and Criminal Mischief
 Culpability  Fraud and Forgery
 Affirmative Defenses  At-Risk Adults and Juveniles
 Sanity  Escape and Offenses Relating to Custody
 Definitions  Public Peace and Order: Stalking
 General Interrogatory Form  Firearms and Weapons
   Controlled Substances
   Motor Vehicles and Traffic




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