Rules of Evidence Committee

The purpose of the Rules of Evidence Committee is to periodically review, correct, update, and improve the Rules of Evidence.

October 4, 2013 Minutes

November 4, 2011 Minutes

November 4, 2011 Agenda

October 22, 2010 Minutes

Members of the Committee

Honorable Nathan B. Coats Colorado Supreme Court
Honorable Gale T. Miller, Chair Colorado Court of Appeals

David R. DeMuro

Vaughan & DeMuro
Chief Judge Alan Loeb Colorado Court of Appeals
Honorable Harlan Bockman Denver
Honorable Martin Egelhoff Denver District Court
Christopher B. Mueller University of Colorado School of Law
Professor Sheila Hyatt University of Denver College of Law
Henry R. Reeve General Counsel/Deputy District Attorney
Philip A. Cherner Denver
Elizabeth F. Griffin Deputy Public Defender
Robert M. Russel United States Attorney's Office
Catherine P. Adkisson Office of the Attorney General
Carol Haller Staff, Office of the State Court Administrator
Jenny A. Moore Deputy Supreme Court Librarian
Cecily Nicewicz Law Librarian


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