Appellate Pro Bono Program for Civil Litigants

Notice to Self-Represented Parties:   

The Colorado Bar Association (CBA) has established an Appellate Pro Bono Program that provides free volunteer attorneys in a small number of appellate cases involving civil matters. With regard to a matter before the Colorado Supreme Court, a civil matter for the purposes of this program does not include criminal cases or cases involving post criminal conviction relief, prison discipline, habeas corpus appeals, ballot title appeals or election appeals. 
If you are representing yourself and meet the CBA low income qualifications, you may apply to the CBA for a free lawyer to represent you in your case to the Colorado Supreme Court. You must submit this application no later than 14 days after the date that the Court of Appeals renders its decision.  Submittal of an application does not guarantee that your case will be accepted into the CBA Appellate Pro Bono Program. The CBA Appellate Pro Bono Program does not give you a right to a free attorney.
 Self-represented parties who are interested should visit the Appellate Pro Bono Program website at

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