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Current Release: 3.6.0
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Home ICCES E-Filing Software Release Notes
E-Filing Software Release Notes

Released: July 19, 2014 2.2.5

  • Alerts:
    • Added a new toolbar for Alerts to easily mark items as read, unread, delete, and batch download.
    • Added a new feature to Alerts allowing a user to manually forward any Alert items to another user within their organization.
    • Added ‘Delete’ to the Status filter on the Alerts screen allowing a user to view any deleted Alert items.
  • Schedule (New Design):
    • Added a link to the case caption allowing you to view party information.
    • Added the ability to sort the date and time as one column.
    • Added the ability to view scheduled event notes.
    • Added a printer friendly version of the attorney schedule.
    • Added a case class filter to the schedule.
  • Cases:
    • Added filters such as year and case class to the organization and monitored cases screens.
    • Improved the load time on the Cases screen and removed the date filter allowing a user to view all of their organization cases.
  • Recent Actions:
    • Added a new toolbar for Recent Actions to easily download documents.
    • Improved performance on the Recent Actions screen to load results faster. 
  • Advanced search performance improvement.
  • Extended the time allowed to access a purchased case from 7 days to 14 days.
  • Administrators:
    • Added the billing contacts email address to the Modify Organization screen for administrators. 
  • Case Information:
    • Added a print feature to the party information screen that appears when you click on a case caption link.
    • Updated the case caption for water court cases to display correctly if a Plaintiff and Defendant were entered onto the case (Plaintiff v. Defendant)
    • All referring case numbers that are judicial court cases will display as links in the case history screen for appellate court cases.
  • Filing Process:
    • Added the organization name next to attorney name on the party information screen that displays when you click on a case caption link.
    • Added functionality that will check to see if an attorney may be representing a party as Alternate Defense Counsel and defaulting appropriate fee waivers.
    • Updated the document title field to allow users to enter a special character.
    • Changed the color of the submit button for filing.
  • Updated various screens to have matching language and a cleaner look.
  • Improved performance on the Filing Information screen to load results faster.
  • Various bug fixes.
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