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Current Release: 3.10.0
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Home E-Filing Software Release Notes
E-Filing Software Release Notes

Current Release

Released: October 24, 2017 3.10.0

Shared Alerts Enhancements for District Attorney, Public Defender, and Attorney General Customers

  • From the Shared Alerts queue, see which attorneys from your office received each Alert.
  • Filter Alerts based on attorney recipients, including those with no attorneys.

Under The Hood Improvements to Case and Document Search

  • We re-wrote both search screens using a new platform for better user experience

Closed Sealed Case Filing Loophole

  • We closed a loophole that allowed criminal justice agencies to file into sealed cases through Action's batch filing services.

Various Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements, and Security Enhancements

Prior Releases

Released: August 05, 2017 3.9.0

New Document Conversion Architecture

New back-end architecture for converting file uploads to PDF and date stamping documents.


Small Claims Pilot Discontinued

The Department is working on expanding the system to self-represented litigants with a simplified filing process.  As part of this effort, the Small Claims E-Filing pilot in Adams and Jefferson Counties will be discontinued on July 28, 2017. 


Numerous Bug Fixes    

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Released: May 06, 2017 3.8.0

  • Minute Orders are now available to case parties via Case History.
  • Added a result count on the Case and Document Search result screens.
  • For DA, AG, and PD offices, Shared Alerts will once again populate with every e-served item from opposing counsel and the court, including those already served to attorneys in your office. 
  • On changes of venue, attorneys of record can view the original and new venue case, along with any suppressed information therein, without a fee.  

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Released: March 04, 2017 3.7.0

Revised Access for Restricted Documents

The system will now permit all attorneys of record in a case to view “Restricted” documents therein.  This is in accordance with Chief Justice Directive 05-01, Section 3.10, defining “Restricted Court Record,” which was amended in October 2016 to provide this access. 

Shared Alerts Change for Criminal Agencies

The District Attorney, Public Defender, and Attorney General offices will now only receive a shared alert if their office is a party to the case but the court has yet to add a specific attorney of record on the case.  Previously, these offices received a shared alert for every served or rejected filing in these cases, which was overwhelming for staff to manage.   

Court Location Will Show on New Case Filings

The court location will now show on all screens in the new case filing process.  Before, the screens did not show the court location. 

Numerous Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

We're continually fixing system bugs and improving general performance.  

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Released: December 03, 2016 3.6.0

System Name Change and New Menu Bar

We are changing the system name from Integrated Colorado Courts E-Filing System (ICCES) to Colorado Courts E-Filing.  This change includes:

  • replacing the current banner with a new, mobile-friendly application bar; 
  • incorporating the new Colorado Courts E-Filing name throughout the system, including emails, billing, and US mailings; and
  • a new website URL at

Batch Downloads in Zip Format

Batch Downloads will use zip file format instead of Adobe Portfolios.  We made this change because modern browsers are aggressively moving away from supporting Adobe Flash, which was required for Adobe Portfolios to work.  Zip files will be in folders with a naming convention of case number, court location code, and document file name. 

New Case and Document Searches

We're introducing two new searches: Case Search and Document Search.  Our new Case Search provides advanced search options for cases.  The new Document Search provides the same for documents.  These searches will replace the current Advanced Search.    

Easily Attach Multiple Documents in File Builder

We modified the file builder so that customers can easily attach the same document type multiple times by selecting the document title and clicking the "Add" button repeatedly.  Before, customers had to first select the document type, click add, and then select the same document type again in the list.  

Trial Court Cases Will Have Appellate Court Case Links

The Case History for trial court cases appealed to the appellate courts will now show the appellate court case number with a link to the appellate case.  

Better Format for Terms and Conditions

We improved the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions during the registration.  The Terms will now show in HTML format, which is easier to read and accept in modern browsers.  

Batch Filing Improvements 

We're introducing "retry" logic for batch filers.  When a batch filer submits a batch and the system cannot process it the first time, the system will automatically try to reprocess the batch.  Before, users often had to resend batches manually when the system could not process it on the first try.  In addition, we've removed the "Primary Attorney" field from the Manage Batch Filing screen, as it is no longer required.  

Numerous Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

We're continually fixing system bugs and improving general performance.  

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