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Home Self Help Divorce and Legal Separation Service of Process
Home Self Help Divorce and Legal Separation Service of Process
Self Help Service of Process

If you and the other party both have an e-filing account the other party will be served electronically.  


*If you need to arrange to personally deliver court documents to someone, this is known as "service of process".

*You cannot personally deliver the documents yourself, and you will need to get someone to deliver the documents for you.  Here are the three choices:
     1.  The Sheriff's Department - You will be charged a fee for this service.
     2.  A private process server - Look up "process servers" on the internet or in the phone book.  You will be charged a fee for this service.
     3.  Someone you know who is at least 18 years old and who is not involved in the case.

*Once you decide who will deliver the documents, give that person a copy of each document that needs to be delivered.

*After the documents are personally delivered, the person who delivers the documents will need to give you JDF 98 Affidavit of Service showing that the documents were personally delivered.  Once you are provided with this form, you will need to give it to the court.

*You may ask the person who needs to receive the documents if they would be willing to accept the documents by mail without the need to have them personally delivered.  If the person is willing to agree to this, you can mail the documents to them along with a Waiver and Acceptance of Service form.   This form is part of the summons that the clerk gave to you.  The person receiving the documents must sign this "Waiver" form and return it to you.  Once you receive the signed form, give it to the court.  If the person won't agree to this, you will need to arrange to have the documents personally delivered.

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