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Home Self Help Name Changes File Without Payment
Home Self Help Name Changes File Without Payment
File Without Payment
1.  Which Form?


Automatic Fee Waiver

  • Some people automatically qualify to have their court fees waived.
  • Use JDF 209 - Notice of Fee Waiver
  • Attach proof you recieve one of these benefits:
    • Aid to the Blind Colorado.
    • Aid to the Needy and Disabled (AND).
    • Old Age Pension A & B.
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI).


Income-Based Fee Waiver


For those in Jail or Prison


 2.  Resources


What are the fees?

JDF 1 - Filing Fees

How do I waive the fees?


Who qualifies for a fee waiver?

Court Directive 98-01 (See pg. 6)

How do I waive mediation fees?


Common Questions



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