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Home Self Help Confidential Intermediary
Home Self Help Confidential Intermediary
Confidential Intermediary
These standard instructions are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice about your case. If you choose to represent yourself, you are bound by the same rules and procedures as an attorney.

  • Information
    • Court Forms
      • JDF 343 – If you are an adoptee

        JDF 341 – If you are an adoptive parent or custodial grandparent

        JDF 344 – If you are a birth parent or biological grandparent

        JDF 344A – If the birth mother used a known fictitious name

        JDF 342 – If you are a sibling or half-sibling of an adoptee

        JDF 352 / JDF 353 – If you are an adult descendant, legal guardian, spouse, an adult stepchild of an adoptee, adopted adult sibling of the adoptee, or adopted adult sibling of an adoptee. Petitioners listed above will ALSO need to have the living adoptee sign a consent authorizing their search, using form JDF 353. If the adoptee is deceased, the Petitioner will need to provide death documentation.

    • Who Can Search For Whom?
      • The Colorado Confidential Intermediary program is a court-appointed search service that allows a certified Confidential Intermediary (CI) access to closed/sealed adoption files. Upon court appointment, the CI will review the sealed records, search for eligible biological family members, and reunite adult biological family members. Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute (CRS) §19-5-305, eligible person(s) can petition the court for a Certified Confidential Intermediary. Eligible person(s) defined below can initiate a search and/or be sought-after:


        1. An adult adoptee (18 years of age).
        2. An adoptive parent, custodial grandparent, or legal guardian of a minor adoptee.
        3. A biological parent or an adult biological sibling or half-sibling of an adult adoptee.
        4. An adult descendant of the adoptee or the adoptive parent, spouse of an adoptee, adult stepchild, or adopted adult sibling of an adoptee (with the notarized consent of the adult adoptee).
        5. A biological grandparent of an adoptee, with the notarized written consent of the biological parent. Written consent is not required if the biological parent is deceased.
        6. The legal representative of any individuals listed above.                                                                            


    • Colorado Confidential Intermediary Process
        1. The Petitioner files a motion with the Court to appoint a Confidential Intermediary (CI).
        2. If the court grants the motion,it will assign a CI to the case.
        3. The CI will contact the Petitioner to discuss expectations.
        4. The CI will request, open, and review the sealed files with an approved court order.
        5. The CI will facilitate the search process between Petitioner and Sought-After but does not act as an advocate, advisory, or counselor for either party.
        6. If the Sought-After is located, the CI will contact them.
        7. The CI will obtain written consent from both parties before exchanging information.
        8. The Sought-After has a right to consent or refuse contact.  Consent or refusal must be voluntary, informed, and written.
        9. The Consent/Refusal form is a legal document an dmust be filed with the court before exchanging contact information.
        10. At no time can the CI release confidential information to either party without written consent.
        11. All documents files, and case records obtained during the search process will be returned to the court of jurisdiction.
        12. At no time can the CI release documents, files, or case records (obtained during the search) to either party.


        Note: The CI Porgram is a fee-based search service.  Contact the CI for more information.


    • File for a Colorado Confidential Intermediary

        Follow the below Simplified Step-by-Step process to file for a Certified Confidential Intermediary.  DO NOT file in more than one court. Contact a Confidential Intermediary if you have difficulties filing or have not heard back from the court within 5-6 weeks after filing.

        Simplified step-by-step instructions:

        • FILL OUT three (3) copies of the appropriate JDF court form. A notary is not necessary (unless otherwise stated on the form). Keep a copy for yourself.
        • PRINT three (3) blank copies of JDF 345. DO NOT fill out - leave blank.
        • ENCLOSE two (2) stamped envelopes. Failure to send stamped/addressed envelopes will cause cancelations and delays: One (1) Envelope Addressed to yourself. One (1) Envelope Addressed to your CI (Contact your Confidential Intermediary).
        • MAIL THE ABOVE documents (1-4) to the appropriate Court of Jurisdiction.


    • What to Expect After You File
      • CI will contact you (within 5-6 weeks) to confirm the court appointment/assignment. COVID delays 1-2 additional weeks

        CI will discuss the search process, expenses, and expectations. CI will then begin the search process.

        Once the sought-after is located, the CI will contact you before they make contact to discuss expectations and contact arrangements/preferences.

        CI will attempt to make contact with the sought-after. 

        Once contact with the sought-after has been established and before contact information can be exchanged, the sought-after will need to sign a consent/refusal form, and the CI will file the form with the Court of Jurisdiction.

        The Petitioner may decide to pursue an additional search for additional biological family members. Additional search fees may apply.

        Upon case closure, the CI will return all records to the court of jurisdiction. 

        AT NO TIME can the CI release confidential information to either party without written consent.  

        ALL documents, files, and case records obtained during the search process will be returned to the court of jurisdiction.

        AT NO TIME can the CI release documents, files, or case records (obtained during the search) to either party.


    • Certified Confidential Intermediary Contacts
      • Each Confidential Intermediary is trained per the Colorado Adoption Commission approved curriculum and has a personal connection to the Adoption/Triad community. Each CI is unique in their experience, investigative skills, adaptation, and sensitivity to adoption issues.  Eligible person(s) may select the Confidential Intermediary of their choice. 

        NOTE: * The Confidential Intermediary Program is a fee-based search service. Contact CI for more information. 


        Confidential Intermediary



        NOCO Confidential Intermediary LLC

        COIRS Colorado Investigative Resource Services



        Phone: 303-503-0813

        Certified CI since 2002



        Kid-Friendly Adoption Services LLC


        Phone: 303-332-5641

        Certified CI since 2015


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