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Home Self Help Using & Viewing our Forms
Home Self Help Using & Viewing our Forms
Using & Viewing Our Forms

Documents on the Colorado Courts Web site are posted in one or more of four formats: HTML (.htm), Microsoft Word 6.0 (.doc), Microsoft Excel or Adobe Acrobat (PDF). Viewing an HTML document requires no additional software and can be done through your browser. Viewing a Word document requires that
you have Microsoft Word loaded on your computer.

Viewing an Adobe Acrobat document requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader for either online or offline viewing. It is recommended that you download the most
recent version of the Acrobat Reader. Some older versions of Acrobat Reader(3.0) have been reporting problems viewing newer PDF documents. If you are
having difficulties with our PDF File/S, please click the link below for the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Downloading a document requires that you right click on the file and select "Save Link As" or use the File/Save As option on your browser's toolbar.

Get Acrobat Adobe Acrobat Reader enables Internet Explorer 3.0+ to view .pdf documents online through the browser. This means that you will not have
to launch the Adobe Acrobat Reader separately after downloading .pdf documents because they will automatically be opened in the Adobe
Acrobat Reader by the browser. *Please note - if you are experiencing problems viewing or downloading forms through your browser, see "Setting your Adobe Acrobat as a Helper Application", below. You may still download and view the document offline through the Adobe Acrobat Reader without the browser if you choose to do so.

AOL Users: While the AOL 3.0 browser does support the Adobe Acrobat Reader, there is a technical problem within the browser that prevents it from displaying .pdf File/S online. This means that if you are using AOL, you need to download the .pdf file, save it to your hard drive and open it with the Adobe
Acrobat Reader offline. Upgrading to the AOL 4.0 browser and adding Adobe Acrobat Reader as a helper application (see below) will eliminate these technical problems. This is highly recommended.

Setting Adobe Acrobat as a helper application:

Occassionally PDF forms do not load properly through Internet Explorer. If you are experiencing problems viewing or loading these forms, you can set your Acrobat Reader as a helper application. To do this, you should have the most current version of Acrobat Reader (5.0 at this time). Once you have this loaded
on your computer:

  1. Open the Acrobat reader
  2. Click File on the menu bar at the top
  3. Select Preferences
  4. Click General
  5. Uncheck the Web Browser Integration box (bottom right)
  6. Select OK

Now, when you click a PDF form, a dialogue box will appear with two choices... open file from it's current location or save it to disk... select open from current location and the form will appear in Acrobat Reader (as opposed to the web browser now). This should eliminate the problems you are experiencing.

Some File/S are provided as Excel 5.0 or Access 7.0 File/S. To view these File/S, you will need to download them and open them within Excel or Access.

The legal forms provided on this site have been produced by various committees of the Supreme Court or internally by the State Court Administrator's Office.

Forms are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format in order to maintain uniformity. Occassionally PDF forms do not load properly through your internet browser.
If you are experiencing problems viewing or loading these forms, Please see the section labeled "Setting Adobe Acrobat as a helper application:" on
the viewing our File/S and forms tab above.

Additionally, most forms are available in Microsoft Word Format. Modification of the forms should occur only when necessary.

Most forms can be completed on-line. For others, you may print the form and fill in the blank areas and then submit to the court.

Electronic Filing is available in certain cases. For more information on electronic filing please go here.

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