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**Reporting to Probation, in person, after sentencing is mandatory** 

If you were just ordered probation or to complete a Presentence Investigation in court you must report in person to our 1600 Prospect Park Way office in Fort Collins.   Due to the ongoing public health risk posed by COVID-19, mask wearing is still in place when visiting any Probation office within Larimer County. If you are currently on probation, you may reach your probation officer by telephone at their office number.  If someone does not immediately answer the line, please leave a message including your telephone number and a call will be returned to you.  Should you have questions, our main office number is 970-494-3901 or you may email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  A list of all Probation Officers and Front Desk numbers are listed below.  Thank you.

Office Phone Probation Officer Email
494-3901 Front Desk - Prospect Pkw
494-3960 Front Desk - Midpoint  
622-2150 Front Desk - Loveland  
494-3964 Armstrong, Courtney
494-3922 Arruzza, Francesca
622-2163 Bastres, Sajan
494-3926 Book, Jordyn
494-3928 Bradsby, Courtney
622-2183 Ceh, Christian
494-3951 Changtin, Michael
494-3977 Cheesman, Caitlin
494-3943 Collom, Jennifer
494-3993 Davis, Sharon
494-3971 Deakins, Jennifer
494-3975 Deshazo, Jason
622-2161 Dipierro-Prosser, Krista
494-3944 Drake, Emily
494-3966 Ebel, Brianna
494-3912 Evans, Nicole
494-3994 Fisher, Lee
530-5104 Gates, Paula
494-3963 Golke, Jill
494-3974 Green, Joel
494-3967 Gunter, Heather
494-3927 Hart, Melissa
494-3996 Hertz, Tonya
494-3932 Hicks, Danielle
622-2181 Hill, Tiffany
494-3923 Hollier, Lawrence
622-2157 Ihnen, Joshua
494-3986 Irwin, Kasi
622-2162 Kendrick, Patrick
622-2152 Kettelkamp, Dirk
494-3918 Kettelkamp, Martha
494-3952 Koneff, Maximiliano
494-3973 Kozisek, Katrina
494-3998 Kramer, Autumn
494-3976 Kramer, Erica
494-3947 Lagac, Dave
494-3995 Lindberg, Laurie
494-3992 Little, Jamie
494-3935 Loberg, Natalie
494-3969 Lucas, Lindsay
494-3957 Lucio, Leticia
494-3921 McCabe, Desiree
494-3913 Minjarez, Elyse
530-5155 Morris, Jennie
622-2182 Mosness, Melissa
494-3954 Muckel, Jodi
494-3982 Mueller, Tracy
494-3941 Nagel, Deanna
494-3972 Nelson, Ali
494-3965 Newbold, Monica
494-3978 Niesent, Annetta
622-2156 Owen, Melissa
494-3984 Pendergraft, Aaron
622-2185 Potter, Jilene
494-3931 Quitmeyer, Leslie
494-3962 Rossi, Brittany
494-3925 Sandford, Lany
494-3917 Sandoval, Consuelo
622-2158 Sapper, Sammy
494-3934 Schleiger, Jessica
494-3945 Silva, Carla
494-3968 Soria, Jacky
494-3911 Taylor, Kelly
494-3933 Thomas, Yvette
494-3985 Tope, Tracy
494-3956 Tracy, Teri
494-3946 Tucker, Wendi
622-2155 Vaznonis, Janice
622-2164 Vera, Cindy
494-3942 Weisman, Molly
494-3981 Winter, Jenelle
Jackson County Probation

We embrace change, encourage growth, and improve lives

The 8th Judicial District Probation Department has three office locations.  For additional information for each office, such as contact information or driving directions, please select the Office Locations link on the left.

The Probation Department provides pre and post sentence assessment and evaluation, supervision, and monitoring of misdemeanor and felony offenders who are ordered by the Court to participate. Services include Pre-sentence Investigations and Reports, Specialized Supervision, Adult Regular Supervision, Juvenile Supervision, Alcohol & Drug Driving Safety, Adult and Juvenile Drug Court, and Victim Assistance Coordination. For more information, please select the Probation Programs link on the left.

All Probation offices are open to the public Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.    Probation Officers are available after hours by appointment.

Chief Probation Officer
Gregory Otte
Chief Probation Officer
1600 Prospect Park Way, Suite 109
Fort Collins CO 80525

Phone: 970-494-3900
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