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The Seventh Judicial District Probation Department is comprised of a Chief Probation Officer, two probation supervisors, seventeen probation officers, a  Victim Services Officer, and four support staff.  Probation administration is located in the Montrose Criminal Justice Complex. The department also has offices in the Delta, Gunnison and San Miguel County Courthouses. The Montrose, Delta and Gunnison offices are open Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to Noon and 1 P.M. to 5 P.M. The office in San Miguel is staffed by a single probation officer and is closed when appearing court, attending meetings or in the field.
     An average of 45 adults and 7 juveniles are placed on probation in this district each month, with a total active caseload of approximately 1,020 adults and 140 juveniles. Felony level offenses comprise 90% of the adult cases placed on supervised probation by the court. Approximately 67% of the adults and 75% of the juveniles terminate successfully from probation. The Department completes an average of 55 alcohol evaluations per month throughout the district, primarily on driving under the influence cases.  Most of these are monitored for compliance with court orders.
     In November, 1999, the 7th Judicial District implemented a Drug Court in Montrose County. This is a program designed specifically for non-violent drug offenders willing to undergo treatment and counseling while being closely monitored by probation for compliance. This program was subsequently expanded to Delta, Gunnison and San Miguel Counties.
     The goals of probation are reflected in the Colorado Probation Statement of Common Grounds:


Colorado probation is committed to public safety, victim and community reparation through offender accountability, skill, competency development and services to the communities of Colorado.

As such, Colorado probation provides:

    • Necessary surveillance and control to protect the community and deter future victimization.
    • Effective evaluation and offender assessment assisting the court in sentencing offenders to the most appropriate sanction and treatment program.
    • Services that directly address the reduction in criminal behavior.
    • An efficient system of victim compensation.


Chief Probation Officer
Robert Omer
Chief Probation Officer
Montrose County Justice Center, 1200 N Grand Ave., Bin B
Montrose CO 81401

Phone: 970-252-4305
Fax: 970-252-4391

Megan Reeder
Administrative Supervisor
Montrose County Justice Center, 1200 N Grand Ave., Bin B
Montrose CO 81401

Phone: 970 252-4375
Fax: 970 252-4391
Email: Email Me
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