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Home Probation By County Weld County FAQs
Home Probation By County Weld County FAQs
Weld County FAQs
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Are all adults and juveniles who are on Probation required to be supervised by the Probation Department?
Are there sex offenders who are on Probation?
Can a Probation Officer arrest anyone?
Can Probation be transferred to another part of Colorado?
Can Probation be transferred to another state?
How can I transfer my Probation from another state to Colorado?
How do I find out if someone is on Probation?
How do I pay supervision fees and other costs I am supposed to pay?
How does someone get on Probation?
Is Probation the same as Community Corrections?
Is Probation the same as Parole?
What are the “Terms and Conditions” of Probation?
What does the Probation Department do for victims of crime?
What happens after I have been put on Probation by the Judge?
What happens if I don’t do what I am supposed to do while on Probation?
What is “Restorative Justice”?
What is a Pre-sentence Report?
What is Alcohol Probation?
What is Drug Court?
What kinds of offenders are on Probation?
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