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Chief Justice Rice proclaims Oct. 25-31 as Pro Bono Week

Thursday, October 22, 2015

DENVER – Celebrating the ninth year of Colorado’s pro bono commitment program, Chief Justice Nancy E. Rice has proclaimed Oct. 25-31, 2015, as Pro Bono Week.

While providers of legal services for the indigent work tirelessly, they cannot meet the civil legal needs of the more than 500,000 people in Colorado who fall below the poverty level, making the pro bono commitment program a crucial way of filling the need.

“Access to justice is a fundamental and essential right in a democratic society,” Chief Justice Rice said. “The assistance of pro bono attorneys is an invaluable and essential part of providing access to justice for Coloradans of limited means.”

The pro bono commitment program encourages every Colorado attorney to provide at least 50 hours annually of legal services at no charge, primarily to indigent people and/or organizations which serve indigent people.

In 2007, the Colorado Supreme Court began recognizing those law firms and solo practitioners making the commitment and achieving the 50-hour goal. Law firms achieving the goal must annually complete 50 hours of pro bono service, on average, for all attorneys in the firm. In calendar year 2014, nearly 300 firms and solo practitioners committed to achieving the 50-hour goal, and 165 met the goal.

A listing of the participating law firms and solo practitioners may be found at

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