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Judicial Department finalizes plan regarding interest on restitution

Monday, June 29, 2015

DENVER – The Colorado Judicial Department announced a finalized plan to correct deficiencies in calculating and assessing interest on restitution.

Under a 2000 law, any order for restitution automatically includes interest of 12 percent annually, beginning the day the restitution order is issued.  However, the law has not been applied consistently among the state’s judicial districts, as a 2014 state audit found.

Beginning in September 2015, the Judicial Department will calculate and assess 1 percent interest monthly on restitution balances to ensure consistent and accurate application of the law across the state.  In addition, the Judicial Department will ensure that all judicial districts apply the 2000 law consistently to restitution orders issued in the future.  Across Colorado, the recent changes will affect about 80,000 cases in which restitution is owed to about 143,000 victims.

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