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Colorado Supreme Court Model Criminal Jury Instructions Committee publishes updated edition

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

            DENVER – The Colorado Supreme Court Model Criminal Jury Instructions Committee today published an updated edition of the model instructions for use in criminal trials.  The model instructions can be accessed through the Committee’s Web page on the Colorado Supreme Court Web site.

            “This new edition will be a valuable resource for trial judges who must explain complex principles of law in a manner that enables jurors to reach fair and impartial verdicts,” Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Nancy E. Rice said. “I speak for the entire Colorado judiciary in thanking the members of the Committee for their hard work on this important project.”

            Justice Nathan B. Coats, Committee Chair, noted that there are many improvements in the new edition.

            “In addition to updating the instructions to reflect changes in statutory law, we expanded the commentary sections with analysis of relevant court decisions,” Justice Coats said.  “We debated numerous difficult issues during nearly three years of monthly meetings, and we were fortunate to have a group of judges with such diverse backgrounds, including several former prosecutors and former public defenders.”

            Andrew J. Field, Committee Reporter and Staff Attorney for the Colorado Supreme Court, emphasized the advantages of electronic publication.

            “Although this volume is more than two thousand pages long when printed, the electronic version on the court’s Web site has a hyperlinked table of contents and other search functions which will make it possible for judges, attorneys, and self-represented defendants to quickly locate instructions at trial,” Field said.

            To help users become acquainted with these and other formatting changes, Field invited the submission of questions, as well as requests for continuing legal education presentations. Inquiries should be submitted to:

Members of the Model Criminal Jury Instruction Committee:

  • Hon. Nathan B. Coats, Justice, Colorado Supreme Court (Chair)
  • Hon. John Daniel Dailey, Judge, Colorado Court of Appeals (Vice-Chair)
  • Hon. Nancy J. Lichtenstein, Judge, Colorado Court of Appeals (Vice-Chair)
  • Hon. Bradley Allen Burback, Judge, Jefferson County
  • Hon. Martin F. Egelhoff, Judge, Second Judicial District
  • Hon. David A. Gilbert, Judge, Fourth Judicial District
  • Hon. Charles R. Greenacre, Judge, Seventh Judicial District
  • Hon. Gregory M. Lammons, Judge, Eighth Judicial District
  • Hon. Catherine A. Lemon, Judge, Second Judicial District
  • Hon. Christie B. Phillips, Judge, First Judicial District
  • Hon. Valerie J. Robison, Judge, Twenty-First Judicial District
  • Hon. Karen A. Romeo, Judge, Fifth Judicial District
  • Hon. Carlos Samour, Jr., Chief Judge, Eighteenth Judicial District
  • Hon. P. Dinsmore Tuttle, Judge, Nineteenth Judicial District (now Associate Justice for the Marshall Islands High Court)
  • Hon. Mark D. Warner, Judge, Seventeenth Judicial District


This information is provided as an e-mail service of the Colorado State Judicial Branch, Office of State Court Administrator, 1300 Broadway, Suite 1200, Denver, CO 80203. To discontinue this service or update your e-mail address, please respond to this message with your name, contact information and any comments.

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