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Panel recommends vendors for independent investigations

Thursday, August 5, 2021

DENVER – A panel of leaders from the Executive and Legislative branches of Colorado government has recommended two vendors to conduct independent investigations into allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination within the Judicial Branch, and of claims that a training services contract was awarded improperly to a former senior administrator.

The Judicial Branch has issued notices of intent to award contracts, which opens a seven-day appeal process for unsuccessful bidders. Once potential appeals are resolved, contract negotiations with the vendors are expected to take several weeks.

“We are grateful to the panelists for their hard work and dedication in developing the solicitations and reviewing bids,” Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Brian D. Boatright said. “The panel clearly had a difficult choice to make based on the quality of all the proposals submitted.”

“The Judicial Department will continue to strictly adhere to our procurement rules as we move into the next phase of the solicitation process,” Chief Justice Boatright said. “Soon the work of the investigations themselves will begin, and the entire Judicial Branch will cooperate to the fullest extent. It bears repeating that we will make public the results and recommendations of the investigations, including steps to ensure accountability, fairness and transparency throughout Colorado’s Judicial Branch.”

The panel recommended Investigations Law Group LLC to investigate allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination, and RCT, Ltd., to investigate the circumstances of the training services contract.

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