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19th Judicial District opens Court Information Center

Monday, March 20, 2017

GREELEY – The Nineteenth Judicial District, Weld County Combined Courts, announced today that its new one-stop customer service center, the Court Information Center, at the Weld County Courthouse is open for business. 

Individuals looking to file any type of court document, request records, set up payment plans, talk to the jury commissioner, or seek self-help assistance now will be able to do it all in one location at the Centennial Center (915 10th Street).  Prior to this three customer service offices were located in the historic courthouse in addition to those in the Centennial Center.

“Previously individuals needing assistance in probate, and guardianships and conservatorships in particular, would have to make multiple trips between the Centennial Center and Courthouse in order to take advantage of the Court Information Center’s self-help services when filing cases,” said Chief Judge James Hartmann. “This was especially challenging for individuals with mobility difficulties and for everyone when harsh weather was in the area. I believe these changes were needed in order for us to better serve our customers.”

The Court Information Center provides a wide variety of self-help services. Staff is available to provide guidance in locating and accessing forms, researching orders and case status, reviewing forms for completion prior to filing, and notarizing state forms. All services are provided free of charge except copying fees.

The Weld County Combined Courts Clerk’s Office serves as a central location for filing and researching county and district court civil, domestic relations, small claims, criminal, and any other general requests. The jury commissioner’s office is now located in the Clerk’s Office.

The Collections Office enables individuals owing court-ordered assessments and restitution to set up payment plans.

Newly relocated to the Centennial Center is the Probate Clerk’s Office and Water Clerk’s Office. The Probate Office manages probate, conservatorship, and guardianship cases and case filings. Previously those offices were located on the fourth floor of the historic courthouse across the plaza.

The Problem Solving Court Coordinator who previously was housed in the Clerk’s Office is also moving into the new Probate/Water office area. The Nineteenth Judicial District’s problem solving courts include Adult Treatment Court, DUI Court and Family Treatment Court.

Office hours are 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Additional information is available at .

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