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Home Jury By District 7th Judicial District Delta County Combined Court
Delta County Combined Court
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NOTICE REGARDING COVID-19:  PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE COURTHOUSE if: (1) you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and you have not completed the required public health mandated isolation; (2) you have been in direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past fourteen days; (3) you are experiencing a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or any other respiratory illness symptoms. If you are summoned to report for jury duty, please contact the jury commissioner at (970) 252-4302 to reschedule your jury service. Some jurors are in a high-risk group.  These include those over 65 years of age or persons who have an underlying medical condition which increases their risk if they are exposed to the virus. This would also include any individual that may be in a household with any individual who may have underlying medical conditions which would increase the risk of being exposed.  If you believe you are in any of these groups, please call the Jury Commissioner at (970) 252-4302.

The Court takes public health and safety seriously and has implemented aggressive policies to prevent the risk of infection for jurors and other court users.  All jurors will be required to wear facial coverings or masks.  We encourage you to bring your own mask with you to the courthouse.  Those who report for jury duty without a mask will be provided one by court staff for the duration of their trial.  Social distancing will be adhered to by all court participants and the courtroom and the courthouse will be sanitized daily.

For more jury reporting information regarding COVID-19, please click here

**Jury Summonses are only sent to potential jurors by US mail. If you receive a text, e-mail, phone call or some other method of communication  other than by US mail regarding jury duty contact your local jury commissioner or

Click on REPORTING SCHEDULE  to find the status of the trial. If the status is "Cancelled", then you do not have to appear. If the status is "Report", this means that the trial is still scheduled, and you should appear at the Delta County Courthouse at 8:15 AM, unless otherwise noted, and bring your completed summons with you.  You must check in with the bailiff to receive credit for your jury service.  

**Childcare arrangements need to be made as children are not allowed in the courtroom anytime during the jury selection process.

Please be prepared to go through Security. Security personnel WILL NOT PERMIT any cell phones, electronic recording devices and electronic devices such as Kindles or other book readers into the Courthouse during the jury selection process. Security is also asking that no handbags, totes, messenger bags, backpacks and similar items are brought into the courthouse. If you must bring in any personal items, please have them in a clear zip-locked plastic bag. Beverages will be allowed in PAPER OR PLASTIC CONTAINERS ONLY. All glass or metal containers will be required to be left in your vehicle. Security personnel will also not permit any handguns, knives, sharp objects, lighters, pocket chains, mace, pepper spray or knitting needles in the building at any time so PLEASE LEAVE THESE ITEMS IN YOUR VEHICLES.

As jury selection might take several hours, we suggest that you bring actual books as reading material and a small pillow for your comfort if you have difficulty sitting for any length of time. Short breaks will be offered.


Jury Service Certificates are now available online for employers at ttp:// 








Reporting Location
501 Palmer St., #338
Delta CO 81416

Jury Line: 970-252-4302
Jury Fax: 970-252-4313
Note: Toll Free 877-367-5879

Picture for Delta County Combined Court
Jury Commissioner
Sandra Martinez
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