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Reporting Schedule

Your date of appearance (date for jury duty) can be found in the pink box of the jury summons.

Please locate the date you are summoned to report on the table below.

If your number is within the range of numbers listed in the “Report” column, you are to report for jury service.   Reporting time is 7:45 a.m.

If your number is within the range of numbers listed in the “Do Not Report” column, you are not required to report.  Your jury service is completed.

This message was last updated on July 14 , 2017

Date of  Appearance  

Range of Juror Numbers Summoned to Report

Range of Juror Numbers

Do Not Report


WEEK OF JULY 17th, 2017

Mon, July 17th   !!!TRIALS CANCELLED!!!  
Mon. July 17th     1026-1345
    WEDNESDAY, JULY 19th, 2017  
Wed. July 19th  

Beginning Juror #1347 through and including Ending Juror #1595

Report to the Weld County Plaza West Building, 910 10th Avenue

East Entrance, First Floor, Room 150 at 7:45 a.m.


Wed. July 19th   Juror #'s Report for Jury Duty - #2699, 4125, & 6967  
Wed. July 19th   **As it is possible the range of juror numbers required to report may change, please check the website for any further updates on Tuesday, July 18th after 5pm**  
Wed. July 19th     1596-1674


Weld County Plaza West Building Juror Entrance:   When reporting to the Weld County Plaza West Building for jury duty there is only one public entrance.This juror entrance is a multi-purposes entrance that is located on the EAST side of the Weld County Plaza West Building located at 910 10th Avenue, Greeley, Colorado. When entering the Weld County Plaza West Building, you will pass through security and will be subject to search. Please allow additional time to clear security.

 Please do not bring any of the following items: pocket knives, swiss army knives, small bottle openers on your key chain, fingernail clippers, eye-brow tweezers, any type of scissors or knitting needles, pepper spray, mace, glass bottles of any kind, or items that might be perceived as a weapon.  Beverages are allowed, however, beverages in aluminum cans cannot be open prior to entering the Weld County Plaza West Courts Building.

Parking: All jurors are to park in either of the two LOT 2.'s   located off of 11th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue. Jury Map.  Please park in any of the spaces in either of the two LOT 2's. A parking permit for either of the two LOT 2's will be issued after jury check-in and orientation.  Secondary allocated jury parking is available at the Train Depot located at 10th Street and 7th Avenue.  Please park on the south end of the depot.  

**Parking in LOT 1 can result in a vehicle being towed** Parking anywhere around the Weld County Courthouse, i.e. 9th Street or 9th Avenue (these are two hour limited parking areas) will result in the City of Greeley issuing a parking ticket.  Parking on 9th Avenue between 10th and 11th Street (this is a two hour limited parking area) will result in the City of Greeley issuing a parking ticket. See 'Jury Map link' Jury Map

* Failure to park in one of the two allocated areas listed above will result in a parking ticket OR the towing of a vehicle ! *



Reporting Location
901 9th Ave, P.O. Box 2038 (80632)
Greeley CO 80631

Jury Line: 970 475-2711
Jury Fax: 970 475-2527
Note: Fax Doctor's orders only

Picture for Weld County Court House
Jury Commissioner
Anita Benson
970 475-2700
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