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Home Jury By County Saguache County Saguache Combined Court
Saguache Combined Court
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lose my job if I serve as a juror? Do I still have to serve on jury duty if I am a dependant of OR an active duty member serving in the military and do not claim residency in Colorado? How are jurors assigned to trials? How was I chosen for Jury Service? I am self-employed: too busy, plus I could go under financially if I have to report for jury service. How do I get out of it? I am the sole caretaker for a permanently disabled person. Can I be excused? I received a summons and no longer live in the county I was summoned for. What should I do? I sent a letter from my doctor a couple of years ago and thought I was permanently excused. Why did I receive another summons? I'm currently not able to report because of a medical condition, what should I do? I'm not a U.S. citizen. How come I got a jury summons? If I have a felony conviction, am I eligible to serve on a jury? Is there an age limit for serving on a jury? My religion prohibits me from judging anyone. What should I do? What are the legal qualifications for jury service? What do I do if I lost my questionnaire? What if I have a disability? What if I have other commitments for the date I’m supposed to appear, how can I obtain a postponement for the jury summons I received? What if my employer doesn’t want to pay me for the first three days of service? What is the “one day/one trial” system? Who will pay me for serving as a juror? Why do I receive summonses year after year, when other people don’t?
Reporting Location
501 4th Street, P.O. Box 197
Saguache CO 81149

Jury Line: 719-589-7679
Jury Fax: none

Picture for Saguache Combined Court
Jury Commissioner
Jennie Heersink
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