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Jefferson Combined Court
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Reporting Schedule

Important Information - Please Read - Limited Parking

Repairs to the parking structures at the Jefferson County Administration and Courts Building in Golden will begin July 5, 2017, and run through at least Oct. 31, 2017. Parking will be extremely limited. During that time, access to and from the north and south parking structure entrances, both upper and lower levels, will be closed at various times. Signage will be posted to note which areas are temporarily closed and to help direct users to alternate locations. Additional parking will be available in the RTD parking garage immediately southeast of the building and in the overflow lot on Jefferson County Parkway just northwest of the building. Jurors are encouraged to use public transportation.

  Please be sure to check this page AFTER 5:00 pm the business day prior to your service date and then check back again just before reporting as this page is updated daily, or as needed. 


You may call the recorded message at 720-772-2600, option 1, after 5:00 pm the business day prior to your service date to hear the juror numbers. If your service is for a Monday you may call after 5:00pm on the Friday prior to your service. This same recorded message is available all weekend.

If you are unable to appear on your summons date, with at least a Five (5) day advance notice, you may request one postponement. Please click on the postponement  tab on this page and complete the form. We can only give one postponement so please be sure to supply an available date(s) that will work for you. We schedule trials on most Mondays through Thursdays and service can be postponed up to 6 months out. Do not request Fridays, Weekends or Holidays.

All postponement and disqualification requests  MUST be received at least FIVE (5) business days prior to your service date. 

For Snow Delay/Closures visit or call 720-772-2500. If the courts are not closed or on a delayed scheduled,  trials will go on as scheduled. Please leave home early and proceed with caution. Do not leave us a phone message.

Arriving after 8:00 a.m. may result in being rescheduled to the following jury day.


Last updated 9/19

Date  Time Jurors Needed to Report Jurors Excused
Mon Sep 18

8:00 am

2941 thru 3093, 61, 503, 696, 989, 1143, 1277, 1343, 1560, 2312, 2367, 2670, 2779, 2909, 4156,4416, 4652, 6211, 6291, 6647, 6734

3094 - 3390

Tue Sep 19

8:00 am

3391 thru 3543, 176, 1398, 1527, 1551, 1627, 1838, 2417, 2690, 2754

3544 - 3815

Wed Sep 20

8:00 am 3816 thru 3901, 398, 987, 1887, 2294, 3421, 4674, 5070, 5119, 6162, 6983 3902 - 4035
Thu Sep 21

8:00 am

To Be Announced

Fri Sep 22

8:00 am

No Trials Scheduled


         * Please arrive on time and be prepared to stay till 5:00 PM*
Arriving after 8:00 a.m. may result in being rescheduled to the following jury day.

Reporting Location
100 Jefferson County Parkway
Golden CO 80401

Jury Line: 720-772-2601
Jury Fax: 720-772-2784

Picture for Jefferson Combined Court
Jury Commissioner
Mary Kay Allen
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