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Home Forms Family Matters
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»  All Family Matter Forms
»  All General Use Forms
»  Appear by Phone
»  Lawyer Process

Case Process

     »   2. Initial Status Conference
     »   3. Mediation
     »   4. Schedule a Hearing (Setting)
     »   5. Trial and Prep
     »   Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)

Child Support and Maintenance

     »   Calculate Amount
     »   Child Support – Change Amount
     »   Child Support – End Payments
     »   Maintenance – Change or End
     »   Register a Support Order


     »   APR / Custody
     »   Change Decision Making
     »   Change Parenting Time Schedule
     »   Grandparent Family Time
     »   Parenting Time Disputes
     »   Register a Custody Order
     »   Relocate Children


     »   Divorce or Separation
     »   Invalidation (Annulment)
     »   Name Restoration
     »   Register a Divorce Decree
     »   Separation Converted to a Divorce

Juvenile Cases

     »   Dependency and Neglect
     »   Disclaim Being a Parent
     »   Establish Who's a Parent
     »   Give Away Parental Rights
     »   Underage Marriage Petition

Partner/Civil Unions

     »   Civil Union Forms

Special Requests

     »   Appoint a Court Professional
     »   Change Case Location (Venue)
     »   Contempt of Court
     »   Request Alternate Service
     »   Request a Transcript
     »   Request an Income Assignment
     »   Transfer a Title
     »   Waive Notice to Parents for Abortion
Family Matter Forms

Forms Notice

  • By July 1st, 2024, accessibility features will be added to all forms.
  • Fillable Fields will be added to PDF versions.
  • WORD versions will be permanently removed.


Step by Step Forms

  • Step 1: Start a Case or Respond
    • Forms by case type on the left.
  • Steps 2 to 5: Case Process
    •  See the "Case Process" section on the left.


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  • Use JDF 1312 - Contact Information Change.




Guided Forms

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