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Home Courts Supreme Court Fees and Filing Information
Home Courts Supreme Court Fees and Filing Information
Policies, Fees and Miscellaneous


Supreme Court Filing Fees

Notice to Pro se filers - The supreme court does not accept emailed or faxed filing submissions.  Pro se filers must submit documents to be filed by mail (or other delivery service) or in person.  Filing submissions must be received by the due date to be timely filed.

Effective July 1, 2021, Licensed Colorado attorneys must file using the Colorado Court's e-filing system.

Access to Court Records CJD 05-01

A request for access to a file made by someone other than a party or counsel of record should be made in writing on the Supreme Court's Record Request Form.  Requests will be considered pursuant to CJD 05-01.
Fees will be assessed as indicated on the Request Form.  Note: The majority of court records created prior to 2014 are available only at Colorado State Archives.  If you are looking for a case filed prior to 2014, please call us to determine the location of the record you seek.  Record requests may be submitted by email to


Free access to Colorado Revised Statutes (Colorado Appellate Rules)

Court Address:

Ralph Carr Judicial Center
2 E. 14th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203


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