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Home Courts Supreme Court Oral Arguments
Supreme Court Oral Arguments
Future Oral Arguments

Scheduled Oral Argument dates for Fall, 2014 - Spring, 2015

Scheduled Oral Argument dates for Fall, 2015 - Spring, 2016

Past Oral Arguments

December 2014

Oral Argument Schedule
December 2014

Audio Files
December 11, 2014 12SC1005 People v. Graves
13SC576 Antero v. Strudley
14SA249 Moore v. Ledda and Suthers
December 10, 2014 12SC605 People v. Johnson
12SC820 People v. Childress
13SA330 Upper Black Squirrel v. Cherokee
13SC233 Taxpayers v. Douglas County
December 09, 2014 13SA336 Ankeney v. Raemisch
13SC545 Jordan v. Panorama Orthopedics
13SC838 People v. Porter
14SA84 Ryals v. City of Englewood

November 2014

Oral Argument Schedule
November 2014

Audio Files
November 06, 2014 12SC205 La Fond v. Sweeney
13SC728 SK v. Mid Valley
14SA38 Wolfe v. Hutton
November 05, 2014 11SC738 Worley v. People
12SC939 People v. Diaz
13SC404 Summit County v. Rodgers
13SC556 Allstate v. Medical Lien Management
14SA12 Wolfe v. Sedlia
November 04, 2014 13SA304 McKenna v. Witte
13SC447 Doyle v. People
13SC9 Pena-Rodriguez v People
14SA43 Craft v. Philadelphia

October 2014

Audio Files
October 02, 2014 11SC0638 Perez v. People
12SC0996 Tulips Investments v. State of Colorado
13SA0132 St. Jude's Co v. Roaring Fork
13SA0197 Widefield Water v. Witte
13SA0254 In the Matter of Juliet Gilbert
October 01, 2014 12SC0803 Martinez v. People
13SC0306 Burnett v. State of Colorado

September 2014

Oral Argument Schedule

Audio Files
September 30, 2014 13SA0135 San Antonio v. Special Improvement
13SC0072 Chapman v. Harner
13SC0394 Coats v. Dish Network

June 2014

Oral Argument Schedule
June 2014

Audio Files
June 05, 2014 12SC0871 City of Littleton v. ICAO
13SC0560 Zukowski v. Town of Castle Rock
14SC0123 City of Englewood v. Harrell
Proposed Repeal and Readoption of Rule 1.15 of the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct
June 04, 2014 12SC0301 West v. People
12SC0610 Francen v. Dept of Revenue
12SC0671 Colorado Medical Society v. Hickenlooper
12SC0788 Hanson v. Dept of Revenue
12SC0906 Justus v. State of Colorado
13SC0209 Cano v. People
June 03, 2014 12SC0932 Tate v. People
12SC1022 Banks v. People
13SC0211 Jensen v. People
13SC0382 Westin v. Groh
13SC0702 McKimmy v. People
13SC0995 People In Interest of S.N. v. S.N. and M.A.S.

May 2014

Oral Argument Schedule
April/May 2014

Audio Files
May 01, 2014 11SC0351 People v. Griffin
12SC0442 Hickenlooper v. Freedom From Religion Foundation

April 2014

Oral Argument Schedule

Audio Files
April 30, 2014 11SC0455 Martin v. People
11SC0792 Gibbons v. People (partial recording)
12SC0046 Fain v. People
13SA0209 Colo Medical Board v. Office of Admin Courts
April 29, 2014 12SC0299 Cain v. People
13SA0173 Farmers Water Development v. Colorado Water
Public Hearing C.R.C.P. 54(d) and 121

March 2014

Oral Argument Schedule
March 2014

Audio Files
March 06, 2014 12SC0501 ICAO v. Softrock
12SC0911 Western Logistics v. ICAO
13SA0268 People v. Roberson
Public Hearing on Proposed Rule Change 8.4 and 8.6 to Colorado Rules of Prof. Conduct
March 05, 2014 12SC0819 Cantina v. City and County of Denver
March 04, 2014 12SC0783 Gessler v. Colorado Common Cause
12SC0870 SDI v. Pivotal (partial recording)
12SC1002 Samuel Robinson v. Legro
13SA0033 In the Matter of Olson

January 2014

Oral Argument Schedule
January 2014

Audio Files
January 29, 2014 13SA306 Hanlen v. Gessler

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