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Home Courts Supreme Court Oral Arguments
Supreme Court Oral Arguments
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Scheduled Oral Argument Dates for Fall 2016, - Spring, 2017

Scheduled Oral Argument Dates for Fall 2017 - Spring, 2018

Past Oral Arguments

December 2010

Oral Argument Schedule
December 2010

Audio/Video Files
December 02, 2010 09SC534 Qwest v. Blood
09SC828 Cropper v. People
09SC966 Larson v. Sinclair Transportation
December 01, 2010 09SC1011 Build It and They Will Drink v. Strauch
09SC263 Allen v. Steele
09SC840 South Fork Water v. Town of South Fork
10SA92 Kobobel v. State of Colorado

November 2010

Oral Argument Schedule
November 2010

Audio/Video Files
November 30, 2010 09SA352-Upper Yampa Water v. Wolfe
09SC1063-Constable v. Northglenn
09SC527-Bailey v. Lincoln General Insurance
09SC626 Henisse v. First Transit

October 2010

Oral Argument Schedule
October 2010

Audio/Video Files
October 28, 2010 09SC1002 - People v. Wehmas
09SC582 - People v. Rubio
09SC986 - Delano v. Busch
09SC989- In re: Parental Responsibilities L.S. Child
10SC229 - Estate of Catherine Ford v. Eicher
10SC963 - Gognat v. Ellsworth
October 27, 2010 09SC1019-Evans v. People
09SC375-Pellman, II v. People
09SC708-People v. Rector
October 26, 2010 09SC119 - French v People
09SC781 Kendrick v. Pippin (*part 1 + gap)
09SC781 Kendrick v. Pippin (gap + part 2)

September 2010

Oral Argument Schedule
September 2010

Audio/Video Files
September 30, 2010 09SA337-Cherokee Metropolitan v. Upper Black Squirrel
09SC380-Boulder County Board of Commissioners v. HealthSouth Corp
09SC483-In the Matter of D.I.S.
09SC627-Lucht's Concrete v. Tracy Horner
09SC697-Citizens for Responsible Growth v. RCI Development
09SC887-Martinez v. People
September 29, 2010 08SC1003-People v. White
08SC667-Tumensterge v. People
09SA374-Southern Ute Indian Tribe v. King Consolidated Ditch
09SC62-Shelter Mutual Insurance v. Mid-Century Insurance
10SA20-Garrigan v. Bowen
September 28, 2010 08SC945-People v. Gabriesheski
08SC997-Ferrellgas v. Yeiser
09SA213-Centennial Water v. City and County of Broomfield
09SC1036-People in the Interest of A.J.L.
09SC910-Colorado Department of Human Services v. Maggard
10SC104-D.P.H. v. J.L.B.

June 2010

Oral Argument Schedule
June 2010
June 2010

Audio/Video Files
June 10, 2010 08SC961-Lehnert v. People
09SC322-Montes-Rodriguez v. People
09SC456-Department of Transportation v. Gypsum Ranch
09SC598-Crandall v. City and County of Denver
June 09, 2010 09SA118-Upper Yampa v. Dequine Family
09SC184-People v. Zhuk
09SC189-Bly v. Story
09SC451-Rocky Mountain Festivals v. Parsons Corporation
09SC680-Brown v. People
09SC70-Effland v. People
June 08, 2010 09SA269-City and County of Broomfield v. Farmers Reservoir
09SC128-Washington v. People
09SC195-Nunn v. Mid-Century Insurance
09SC421-Munoz v. Measner
09SC916-Jefferson County Board of Equalization v. Gerganoff

April 2010

Oral Argument Schedule
April 2010
Parking Information

Audio/Video Files
April 30, 2010 09SC478-Wend v. People
09SC553-Debella v. People
April 28, 2010 09SA191-V Bar Ranch v. Cotten
09SC358-Clark v. People
09SC612-City of Manassa v. ICAO & Ruff
April 27, 2010 09SA158-Northern Colorado Water v. City of Aurora
09SC132-Rodriguez v. People
09SC183-Misenhelter v. People
09SC20-Volunteers of America v. Tucker
09SC340-Hills v. Westminster Municipal Court
10SA30-Smith v. Jeppsen

March 2010

Oral Argument Schedule
March 2010

Audio/Video Files
March 04, 2010 09SA168-Upper Eagle Regional v. Wolfe
09SA169-Upper Eagle Regional v. Wolfe
09SC586-Benchmark/Elite v. Simpson
09SC769-City of Colorado Springs v. Bennett
March 03, 2010 09SA248-People v. Owens
09SC223-Smith v. Executive Custom Homes
March 02, 2010 08SC964-Soderberg v. Nacos
09SA178-Broomfield v. Farmers Reservior
09SC536-Specialty Restaurant v. Nelson

January 2010

Oral Argument Schedule
January 2010
January 28, 2010

Audio/Video Files
January 28, 2010 08SC451-People v. Loveall
January 21, 2010 08SC639-Cash Advance v. State of Colorado
09SA75-City of Englewood v. Burlington Ditch
January 20, 2010 08SC756-Pineda v. People
09SC171-Perez v. People
January 19, 2010 08SC1026-Palizzi v. City of Brighton
08SC783-Wells Fargo v. Kopfman

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