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Home Courts Supreme Court Oral Arguments
Home Courts Supreme Court Oral Arguments
Supreme Court Oral Arguments
Future Oral Arguments

Scheduled Oral Argument dates for Fall, 2015 - Spring, 2016

Scheduled Oral Argument Dates for Fall 2016, - Spring, 2017

Past Oral Arguments

May 2017

Oral Argument Schedule
May 2017

March 2017

Oral Argument Schedule
March 2017

Audio/Video Files
March 09, 2017 14SC31, Teague v. People
14SC858, People v. Rogers
15SC1089, Forest City Stapleton v. Rogers
15SC595, Kinder Morgan v. Montezuma County Board of Commissioners
15SC627, Smokebrush Foundaton v. City of Colorado Springs
March 08, 2017 14SC341, Ronquillo v. People
15SC899, Walker v. Ford Motor Company
16SA53, Carestream v. Colorado Public Utilities
16SC145, Williams v. Libertarian Party
16SC366, Foster v. Plock
March 07, 2017 15SC508, Vallagio at Inverness v. Metropolitan Homes
15SC677, Jefferson County Department of Human Services in the Interest of C.G. v. J.N.
15SC791, People in the Interest of P.K.
16SC114, Johnson v. VCG Restaurants Denver
16SC81, James v. People

January 2017

Oral Argument Schedule
January 2017

Audio/Video Files
January 26, 2017 14SC49, People v. Clemens
14SC529, People v. Austin
14SC820, People v. Opana
January 25, 2017 14SC340, People v. Roman
14SC699, People v. Rock
16SA230, In re Frazier v. Williams
16SC283, Youngquist Brothers Oil v. Miner
January 24, 2017 13SC439, Page v. People
14SC1007, People v. Jacobsen
16SA166, K-Low v. Select Energy Services
16SA212. In Re Villas at Highland Park Homeowners v. Francescon
16SC68, People v. Larsen

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