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Home Courts Supreme Court Oral Arguments
Home Courts Supreme Court Oral Arguments
Supreme Court Oral Arguments
Future Oral Arguments

Scheduled Oral Argument dates for Fall, 2013 - Spring, 2014
Scheduled Oral Arguments dates for Fall, 2014 - Spring, 2015

Past Oral Arguments

April 2015

Oral Argument Schedule
April 2015

March 2015

Oral Argument Schedule
March 2015

Audio Files
March 05, 2015 13SC339 Newman v. Roberts
14SC152 Marriage of de Koning
14SC495 People v. Vigil
14SC50 Roup v. Commercial Research
March 04, 2015 11SC554 Wilson v. People
11SC819 Harris v. People
11SC868 Beaty v. People
12SC236 People v. Wilson
March 03, 2015 12SC1027 People v. Wilson
13SC115 People v. Rodriguez
14SA179 East Cherry Creek Valley v. Greeley Irrigation
14SC235 Reno v. Marks

February 2015

Oral Argument Schedule
Multi District Litigation Panel Hearing

Audio Files
February 20, 2015 Multi District Litigation Panel Hearing
Multi District Litigation Panel Hearing Part 1

January 2015

Oral Argument Schedule
January 2015

Audio Files
January 28, 2015 13SC523 Rutter v. People
14SA235 Figueroa v. Speers
January 27, 2015 13SC127 Beren v. Beren
13SC131 Boyer v. Health Grades
13SC134 Hunsaker v. People

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