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Home Courts Supreme Court Oral Arguments
Home Courts Supreme Court Oral Arguments
Supreme Court Oral Arguments
Future Oral Arguments

Scheduled Oral Argument dates for Fall, 2015 - Spring, 2016

Scheduled Oral Argument Dates for Fall 2016, - Spring, 2017

Past Oral Arguments

December 2016

Oral Argument Schedule
December 2016

November 2016

Oral Argument Schedule
November 2016

Audio Files
November 10, 2016 14SC957, Espino-Paez v. People
15SC470, People v. Corrales-Castro
15SC511, Zafiro-Guillen v. People
15SC568, People v. Roman
15SC901, Flores-Heredia v. People
November 09, 2016 12SC966, Scott v. People
13SC68, Nicholls v. People
14SC25, People v. Zadra
15SC262, People v. Adams
November 08, 2016 13SC480, Zubiate v. People
13SC720, Hill v. People
13SC725, Reyna-Abarca v. People
14SC3, Medrano-Bustamante v. People
14SC7, People v. Smoots

October 2016

Oral Argument Schedule
October 2016

Audio Files
October 06, 2016 13SC791, Romero v. People
13SC903, Rael v. People
14SC1021, Veith v. People
14SC304, Martinez v. People
14SC588, People v. Jefferson
October 05, 2016 14SC109, People v. Crouse
15SC261, Dobler v. People
October 04, 2016 12SC448, People v. Torrez
13SC105, People v. Ramos
14SC190, Ybanez v. People
14SC396, Russell v. People
15SC752, People v. Boyd

June 2016

Oral Argument Schedule
June 2016

Audio Files
June 09, 2016 12SC143, Mosley v. People
13SC961, De la Cruz v. People
15SC83, Johnson v. People
16SA94, In Re People v. Higgins
16SA96, In Re People v. Johnson
June 08, 2016 13SC408, People v. Rainer
13SC624, Lucero v. People
13SC945, Armstrong v. People
14SC127, Estrada-Huerta v. People
16SA75, CDOT v. Amerco
June 07, 2016 14SC938, People v. Beauvais
15SA291, People v. Hyde
15SA330, People v. Simpson
15SA340, In Re Ferrer v. Okbamicael
15SC340, Fitzgerald v. People

May 2016

Oral Argument Schedule
May 2016

Audio Files
May 05, 2016 12SC832, Montoya v. People
13SC128, Fuentes-Espinoza v. People
13SC582, People v. Harding
16SA8, In re State of Colorado v. Castle Law Group
May 04, 2016 15SA332, Magill v. Ford Motor Company
15SC345, Pandy v. Independent Bank
May 03, 2016 14SC94, People v. Adams
15SC136, People v. Hoskin

March 2016

Oral Argument Schedule
March 2016

Audio Files
March 03, 2016 14SC346, Martinez v. Estate of Bleck
14SC431, Ryan Ranch Community Association v. Kelley
March 02, 2016 14SC634, City & County of Denver v. Expedia
14SC787, Open Door Ministries v. Lipschuetz
14SC951, People v. Penn
15SC514, E.S.V. v. People in the Interest of C.E.M.
March 01, 2016 14SC494, Calderon v. American Family Mutual Insurance Company
15SC87, Pinnacol Assurance v. Hoff

January 2016

Oral Argument Schedule
January 2016

Audio Files
January 27, 2016 13SC587, People v. Ruch
14SC218, Nagi v. People
14SC931, Klingsheim v. Cordell
January 26, 2016 13SC281, Apodaca-Zambori v. People
14SC469, Lewis v. Taylor
15SA244, In re Colorado Ethics Watch v. Independent Ethics Commission

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