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Home Courts Supreme Court Committees Court Services Standing Committee
Court Services Standing Committee

The District Court Weighted Caseload Committee provides feedback and overall guidance to the weighted caseload surveys previously conducted and recommends to the Chief Justice new staffing models for additional district judges and magistrates statewide.

The Committee is comprised of District Court Judges, County Court Judges, District Administrators, Magistrates, and Clerks of Court.

Committee Members:

Justice Allison H. Eid, Supreme Court Liaison

Hon. Terry Ruckriegle, Chair

Hon. David Archuleta

Hon. Karen Ashby

Hon. Larry Bowling

Hon. Susanna Cutler

Hon. Ben Eden

Hon. Flynn Feeney

Hon. Brian Flynn

Hon. Shelley Gilman

Hon. Marcelo Kopcow

Hon. Martha Minot

Hon. Larry Naves

Hon. J Curt Penny

Hon. Kirk Samelson

Hon. Jean Stewart

Hon. William Sylvester

Debra Crosser

Tracey Epley

Miles Flesche

Solveig Olson



Sherry Stwalley

Ann Duenas

Steven Vasconcellos

Julie Lambert


Consultant from the National Center for State Courts:

Suzanne Tallarico

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