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Home Courts Supreme Court Amicus Participation Invited
Home Courts Supreme Court Amicus Participation Invited

The Colorado Supreme Court will post to this page all briefs filed in this court related to Redistricting.

21SA305 - In Re Colorado Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission

Final Legislative Redistricting Plan
Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2
Exhibit 3
Exhibit 4
Exhibit 5
Exhibit 6
Exhibit 7
Exhibit 8 
Exhibit 9
Exhibit 10
Exhibit 11
Exhibit 12
Exhibit 13
Exhibit 14

21SA208 - In Re Colorado Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission

Petition for Judicial Review and Request for this Court to Establish a Schedule Under Colo. Const. Art. V, § 44.5(1)
Court Order 7-15-21 inviting briefs
Brief of Colorado Secretary of State
Brief of Colorado Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission
Brief of Fair Lines Colorado
Brief of Colorado Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission 
Court Order 7-26-21 Fair Lines Brief
Court Order 7-26-21 Schedule 

Oral argument will be live-streamed on our website

Final Congressional Redistricting Plan
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Exhibit F
Exhibit G
Exhibit H
Exhibit I

Briefs submitted by the following parties:

All on the Line
Clerk and Recorder, City and County of Denver
Colorado Common Cause
Colorado Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission
Colorado Latino Leadership, Advocacy & Research Org.
The Colorado Multi-Ethnic Coaltion and The Hispanic Churches of the Central District/Distro Central of the Assemblies of God in Northern Colorado
Douglas County Board of County Commissioners
Eagle County Colorado
Fair Lines Colorado
League of Latin American Citizens and Colorado League of Latin American Citizens
Natividad, Jerry
Summit County & Town of Breckenridge
Thiebaut, William

Reply Brief:    Colorado Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission

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