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Home Courts Educational Resources Courts in the Community Materials
Fall 2007

The Colorado Supreme Court and Court of Appeals provide an educational outreach program for high schools which introduces students to the state’s appellate process. The program, Courts in the Community, enables each court to travel once a year to a different high school to hear two actual oral arguments at each location. In fall 2007, the Colorado Supreme Court visited North High School in Denver. The Colorado Court of Appeals visited Liberty High School in Colorado Springs.

Courts in the Community began on Law Day in 1986. The program gives students hands-on experience in how the Colorado judicial system actually works and illustrates how disputes are resolved in a democratic society. These are not mock trials. They are actual oral arguments from which rulings are determined. Cases are chosen by specifically targeting the interests of students.

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Nov. 5, 2007 - Colorado Court of Appeals - Liberty High School in Colorado Springs

People of the State of Colorado v. Jason L. Pecci, 05CA2168

Kathleen Savidge v. Air Wisconsin Airlines Inc., Insurance Co. of the State of Pennsylvania,
and the Industrial Claim Appeals Office of the State of Colorado, 06CA2650

Dec. 6, 2007 - Colorado Supreme Court - North High School in Denver

Lavonne Robinson v. Colorado State Lottery Division and Colorado State Lottery Commission, 06SC385

Janine Bloom v. People of the State of Colorado, 06SC597

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