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Home Courts By District 5th Judicial District Court Business Resources
Home Courts By District 5th Judicial District Court Business Resources
5th Judicial District Court Business Resources
  • How to request a transcript of a hearing
  • How to request a document from a case file
  • Wedding Information
  • How to request interest on restitution
  • How to file D&N Pleadings and Reports Electonically

Divorce Cases and the role of the Family Court Facilitator:

Family Court Facilitator - Laurie Mactavish - Eagle: (970) 328-8566/Summit: (970) 547-2636

Administrative Orders:

  • Order 06-08 (rev 5/12) concerning the use of court reporters in district court cases
  • Order 07-04 (rev 12/11) concerning mandatory efiling of civil, domestic relations and probate cases
  • Order 07-05 (rev 2/12) concerning delay reduction orders
  • Order 07-05 Attachment A
  • Order 07-05 Attachment B
  • Order 10-05 concerning security procedures in the courts and probation offices
  • Order 11-01 concerning use of electronic devices in court facilities
  • Order 11-05 concerning mandatory efiling of Money and Forcible Entry and Detainer cases in county court
  • Order 11-06 concerning safeguarding, retention, and disposal of trial exhibits
  • Order 12-01 concerning procedure to assess interest on restitution
  • Order 13-02 concerning the assignment of county court judges to sit as district court judges in certain cases
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