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Home Courts By District 5th Judicial District Court Business Resources
Home Courts By District 5th Judicial District Court Business Resources
5th Judicial District Court Business Resources

For additional individual county information go to:

Summit County - Eagle County - Lake County - Clear Creek County


Information on Different Types of Cases 

Support for Civil Cases or Sealing Records:


Civil Cases: 

Click here for Examples of Completed Court Forms

 Money Cases - Forms and Instructions


Name Changes - Form and Instructions


Desinfektion326062020aProtection Orders:


Evictions Cases:


Family  Divorce and Family Cases:

Family Court Facilitator - Laurie Mactavish -    


 Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR) - Mediation Services


Testament icon in simple style on a white backgroundProbate Cases (Guardian, Conservator, and Wills and Estates)


 Criminal Cases: 

Cleartext delete Icon for cleartext, delete, remove, recapture, efface, expunge expunge stock illustrationsSealing My Case Cheat Sheet

 pubdef_seal_300Apply for a Public Defender

Contract cancel format vector  icon millustration.Discontinue Sex Offender Registration

Online form icon isolated on white background. Vector illustration. Eps 10 stock illustrationForms and Instructions

Click Here for Virtual Courtrooms


General Other Information


  • Click here To make an electronic request for documents from a case.
  • Click here To access the PDF DOCUMENT REQUEST FORM. 
    • If you use the PDF form, you must print and return it to the court.
  • Click here to request a transcript of a hearing
    • You must print and return this form to the court.
  • Wedding Information


Administrative Orders:

  • Order 07-04 (rev 12/11) concerning mandatory efiling of civil, domestic relations and probate cases
  • Order 07-05 (rev 2/12) concerning delay reduction orders
  • Order 07-05 Attachment A
  • Order 07-05 Attachment B
  • Order 10-05 concerning security procedures in the courts and probation offices
  • Order 11-01 concerning use of electronic devices in court facilities
  • Order 11-05 concerning mandatory efiling of Money and Forcible Entry and Detainer cases in county court
  • Order 11-06 concerning safeguarding, retention, and disposal of trial exhibits
  • Order 12-01 concerning procedure to assess interest on restitution
  • Order 23-02 concerning the assignment of county court judges to sit as district court judges in certain cases
  • Order 23-03 concerning the assignment of county court judges to sit in other counties in the 5th judicial district
  • Order 2021 – JVMA. Order Vacating Certain Monetary Amounts Assessed Against a Juvenile in Certain Proceedings Pursuant to HB 21-1315
  • Order 2:1:2-1. Order Concerning 5th Judicial District Procedure for Handling Complaints of Judicial Misconduct by Non-Judicial Employees
  • Order 2:5:1-1. Order in the Matter of Summit County Pretrial Services Program (Amended)
  • Order 2.5.1. Order Regarding Defendant’s Eligible for Individualized Bond Hearing & Setting within Forty-Eight Hours of Arriving at Detention Facility
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