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Home Courts By District 22nd Judicial District Court Business Resources
22nd Judicial District Court Business Resources







PLEASE NOTE: Orders are not consecutive by number/year due to repealed orders - please contact the Clerk's Office if you have any questions 970-565-1111

2023-05             Required Mediation for Post-Decree Motions to Modify for the 22nd Judicial District

2022-09             Order Establishing an Amended Bond Schedule Effective December 23, 2022

2022-08             Order Designating Tayna Wallace to Serve as the Probate Registrar for the 22nd

                                    Judicial District 

2022-07             Order re Judicial Misconduct

2022-04             Order Admending Administrative Order 22-02 and Vacating All COVID-19


2022-01             Temporary Suspension of Jury Trials Due to Covid-19 Crisis - Montezuma County

2021-17             Concerning Procedures During Present Covid-19 Crisis

2021-14             Concerning Procedures in 22nd Judicial Districts

2021-13             Concerning Procedures in Dolores County

2021-10             Concerning Requirements for Face Coverings During Present Covid-19 Crisis

2021-09             Concerning Requirements for Face Coverings During Present Covid-19 Crisis

2021-08             (Amended) Concerning Procedures During Present Covid-19 Crisis

2019-01             Order Regarding Possession of Mobile Devices in the Courtrooms of the

                                    Twenty-Second Judicial District                                    

2018-06                Juvenile Detention

2018-05               Juvenile Screening Protocol for the 22nd Judicial District

2018-04               Regarding Food and Drink Policy

2018-03                Security Order Re Security and Weapons in Court Facilities

2017-04                Regarding Fast Track for Drug Court

2017-03                Order Adopting 22nd Judicial District Plan to Ensure Timely and Efficient

                                      Procedures in D&N Cases

2016-08                Concerning Returning Original Wills to Filing Parties

2016-07                Order Regarding Access to Domestic Relations Files by Colorado Legal Services

                                     Durango Managing Attorney and Staff (CLS)

2016-06                Concerning Change of Venue of Short Term Mental Health Certification Cases

2015-03                Concerning Mandatory E-Filing in Criminal Cases

2015-01                Concerning Juvenile Restraints in the Courtroom

2014-04                Concerning Direct Filing of Criminal Cases in District Court

2014-03                Concerning Service of Pleadings in Restitution Proceedings in Criminal Cases

2014-01                Concerning Informational Classes for New Guardians and Conservators

2012-08                Order Appointing Jennilynn Lawrence, Montezuma County Court Judge, as Acting

                                     District Court Judge in Certain Circumstances

2012-06                Standing Order Regarding Disposition of Exhibits

2012-02                Notice of Interpreter Required

2012-01                Order Adopting Pretrial Services Plan

2011-04                Order Regarding E-Filing Procedure

2011-02                Order Permitting Service of Promises to Appear by Law Enforcement

2010-05                Standing Order Regarding Parental Responsibilities while a Child is in Detention

2010-04                Order Concerning the Proper Method and Location to Submit Filings for Dolores

                                     County District Court Cases

2008-02                Approving the use of EHM, SCRAM, SOBRIETOR and OTHER ELECTRONIC

                                     MONITORING DEVICES by Probation Officers and Private Probation Officers

                                     (RMOMS) of the 22nd Judicial District as Intermediate Sanctions In lieu of

                                     Revocation of Probation or Deferred Judgments

2008-01                In the Matter of Public Access to Court Records

2007-10                Return of Exhibits after Trial

2007-09                Re the Sequence of Collection of Fees and Costs

2006-01                Approving the Voluntary Use of Intermediate Sanctions in place of Probation

                                      Revocation in Misdemeanor and Traffic Misdemeanor Cases

2003-05                Re Motions to Revoke Probation

2003-04                Administrative Orders Prior to 1996

2003-03                Photography or Image Capture in Courthouses 22nd Judicial District

2001-01                Order re Access by Court Appointed Special Advocate

2000-23                Order Re Limited Representation

1999-21                Order re Mandatory Attendance at Status Conference

1999-17                Re Pre-Sentence Reports

1998-03                Dispositional Hearing Procedure



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