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Home Courts By District 8th Judicial District 8th Judicial District Administrative Orders
Home Courts By District 8th Judicial District 8th Judicial District Administrative Orders
8th Judicial District Administrative Orders

2024 Administrative Orders

2024-4 Alternate Designated Probate Registrars
2024-3 Handling Dangerous Evidence in the Courthouse
2024-2 Problem Solving Courts and Livestream
2024-1 Procedure for use of Restraints on Juveniles.


2023 Administrative Orders

2023-6 Appointments of the Local Correctional Treatment Board - Amended 1/16/24
2023-5 Appointment of Acting Chief Judge and County Court Presiding Judge 
2023-4 Procedure for Seeking Emergency Hearings in Dependency and Neglect Matters                       
2023-3 Procedure for Obtaining a Court Order Regarding Restrictive Housing in Jails Pursuant to CRS 17-26-301
2023-2 Regarding Assignments of Bond Hearing Officer
2023- 1 Regarding Electronic Sound Recordings of Court Proceedings



2022 Administrative Orders

2022-11 Appointment of Acting Chief Judge
2022-9 Appointment of Presiding County Court Judge
2022-8 Regarding Assignment of County Court Judge to DUI Court
2022-7 Regarding Assignment of Jackson County Court Judge
2022-6 Regarding the 8th Judicial District Procedure for Receiving a Complaint Regarding Judicial Misconduct from Persons or Entities Who Are Not An Employee, Volunteer, Intern, Extern or Contract for the Colorado Judicial Department
2022-5 Concerning Pretrial Services
2022-4 Regarding Magistrate Docket Coverage July 13, 2022
2022-3 Regarding Magistrate Docket Coverage July 11, 2022
2022-2 Regarding Court Operations During COVID



2021 Administrative Orders

2021-15 Fifth Amended Administrative Order Concerning Criminal Bonding Procedures to be Used by Pretrial Intake Unit (Bond Commissioners) for Pretrial Release Pre-advisement and Bond Application
2021-14 Administrative Order Authorizing Clerks of Court to Modify a Juvenile's Court Record to Reflect Accurate Sex Offender Registration Status Pursuant to HB 21-1064
2021-13 Vacating Juvenile Costs Pursuant to HB 21-1315
2021-12 Concerning Work Release - Amended 10/4/2022
2021-11 Regarding Probation Home Visits 
2021-10 Amended Regarding Facial Coverings and COVID-19 Delta Variant - signed 10/20/2021
2021-09 Second Revised - Regarding Court Operations Related to COVID-19 - signed 6/18/2021 effective 6/21/2021
2021-08 Regarding Juvenile Detention Screening and Transportation of Detained Juveniles in the 8th Judicial District
2021-07 Concerning Work Release
2021-06 Regarding Additional County Court Judicial Duties
2021-03 Amended Concerning Pretrial Services
2021-02 Appointing Members of the Eighth Judicial District Drug Offender Treatment Board
2021-01 Concerning Extending the Suspension of Jury Trials Through February 15, 2021



2020 Administrative Orders

2020-13 Concerning Suspension of Jury Trials between November 23, 2020, and January 18, 2021
2020-12 Assigning County Court Judge
2020-11 Concerning September 2, 2020, Jury Trials
2020-10 Concerning August 25, 2020, Jury Trials
2020-09 Second Amended Concerning 8th Judicial District Jury Trial Procedures Related to COVID-19 Pandemic - signed 5/19/21 effective 5/24/21
2020-08 Concerning Senate Bill 20-211 Re: "Extraordinary Debt Collection Actions"
2020-07 Regarding Prohibited Conduct in Court Facilities in the 8th Judicial District
2020-06 Authorizing the Temporary Waiver of Certain FY20 Probation Standards Due to Public Health Concerns Related to COVID-19
2020-05 Concerning Waiver of Probation Supervision Fees (revising and replacing Admin Order Nos. 2003-2, 2003-3, 2003-4, 2003-5, 2004-1, 2004-2, 
2004-3, 2009-3, 2009-4 and 2018-2)
2020-04 Concerning Probation Conditions Requiring Completion of Useful Public Service
2020-03 Concerning Evidence Retention in Criminal Cases (revising and replacing Admin Orders 2019-8 and 2013-2)


2019 Administrative Orders
2019-18 Assigning Larimer County Court Judges as Acting District Court Judges to Preside Over Extreme Risk Protection Order Proceedings Filed 
Pursuant to C.R.S. 13-14-5-101, et seq.
2019-17 Concerning Firearms and Other Deadly Weapons in Court Facilities
2019-16 Concerning Mandatory Electronic Filing in Eighth Judicial District
2019-15 Rescinding Outdated Standing Orders
2019-14 Concerning Collection Investigator Authority
2019-13 Concerning County Court Case Assignments for Misdemeanor, Petty Offense, and Traffic Criminal Cases
2019-12 Concerning Jackson County Warrants and Orders for Publication of Records (Amended June 10, 2019)
2019-11 Regarding Terms and Conditions of Probation
2019-10 Concerning Criminal Case Document Security Levels
2019-09 Rescinding Outdated Administrative Policies
2019-07 Concerning Petitions for Review of a Magistrate's Order (revising and replacing Admin Order 2009-5)
2019-06 Concerning Civil Cases in Larimer County Court (revising and replacing Admin Order 2007-4)
2019-05      Concerning Unsupervised Probation (revising and replacing Admin Order 2007-1)
2019-04 Concerning Traffic Infraction Standard Plea Bargains (revising and replacing Admin Order 2006-2)
2019-03 Concerning Filing Pleadings in Larimer County (revising and replacing Admin Order 2006-1A)
2019-02 Concerning Credit Card Policy (revising and replacing Admin Order 2000-4)
2019-01 Concerning Document File Stamping (revising and replacing Admin Order 2000-3)


2018 Administrative Orders
2018-09 Concerning Felony Criminal Case Assignments for the 8th Judicial District (revising and replacing Administrative Order 2017-3)
2018-08 Concerning Alternate Designated Probate Registrars (revising and replacing Administrative Order 2012-4)
2018-06 Regarding Court Reporter Coverage for Non-Criminal Jury and Court Trials - Amended 10/25/2022
2018-05 Concerning the Filing of Motions Requesting Emergency Hearings in Dependency and Neglect Cases
2018-03 Regarding County Court Judges Assigned Duties Concerning Civil Protection Orders Issued Pursuant to C.R.S. 13-14-104.5 and 106
2018-01      Regarding Magistrate Docket Coverage


2017 Administrative Orders
2017-07 Regarding Jackson County Change Fund
2017-06 Regarding Outstanding Judgement Warrants (OJW)
2017-02 Regarding Any Active Warrant Issued in the 8th Judicial District That Has a Bond Condition Involving SCRAM or TAD


2016 Administrative Orders
2016-11 Regarding All Larimer County Small Claims Cases Shall Be Filed Electronically
2016-07 Regarding Weather Related Court Closure Procedures                               
2016-01 Regarding SB 15-184 and the Use of Detention as a Sanction in Truancy Cases                      


2015 Administrative Orders
2015-03 Regarding Chapter 38 of the Court Rules, Rule 2, Section 1, Designating Custodian of Records
2015-02 Regarding Change Fund


2014 Administrative Order
2014-05    Regarding District and County Court Criminal Cases Shall be Subject to Mandatory Electronic Filing Using the State's E-Filing System


2012 Administrative Orders
2012-03 Concerning the Dress Code Policy Addressing Professionalism and Safety in the Workplace and Other Work-Related Settings
2012-02            Concerning the Possession and Use of Electronic Devices Within the Larimer County Justice Center and Loveland County Courts (Amended Administrative Order 2012-2, Amended on April 3, 2020, June 29, 2020)
2012-01    Regarding Uniformed Deputies


2009 Administrative Orders
2009-06 Procedural Order Regarding Judge Recusal Case Randomly Assigned to Another Judge                      
2009-02 First Appearance Center Policies and Procedures (replaced 2005-4, 2007-2)                   


2007 Administrative Orders
2007-05 Provision of Hearings Trials and Other Matters to be Held in Loveland and Assignment of County Court Judges Thereto
2007-03    Larimer County Court Boundary Change for Filing of Misdemeanor, Traffic and Petty Offense Cases in Fort Collins and Loveland


2005 Administrative Order
2005-03   Granting Discretion to the Probation Department to Implement Community Service Orders (revised 12/14/2015)


2004 Administrative Order
2004-04 Public Access to Search Warrants Prior to Filing of Criminal Case                                       


2002 Administrative Order
2002-01        Priority Schedule for Applying Payments to Court Cases When Defendant on Multiple Cases (Amended 3/28/16-original version abolished
by 2019-9)


2001 Administrative Orders
2001-03 Policy Regarding Displays in Justice Center
2001-02 Cases Filed Involving Relatives of Employees or Employees (replaced 2000-2)


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