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Home Courts By District 3rd Judicial District Virtual Courtrooms
Virtual Courtrooms

During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, the 3rd Judicial DIstrict has implemented virtual courtrooms through WebEx in order to continue to provide essential judicial services to the public. 

3 ways to join a WebEx court hearing flyer

Please click here for Chief Judge order 20-06 on WebEx procedures in the 3rd Judicial District

Please click the ICON for the Judge that pertains to the case you wish to observe or participate in if you are a party to the case.  If you are unsure which Judge pertains to your case, please click here or the 'docket' tab on the left navigation bar on our homepage


Chief Judge Leslie J. Gerbracht District Judge Clay McKisson

Las Animas County Judge John Mochel

Huerfano County Judge/Magistrate Dawn Mann


Please remember this is a Court of Law.  Despite the fact the hearing is being conducted via a live WebEx platform, the expectation of this Court is that courtesy will be extended to all parties and respect will be given to the decorum of this Court.

You can watch a tutorial on Participating in a WebEx court hearing here.

If you need further assistance with getting ready for your WebEX hearing, you can contact our self-help center at least two days before your hearing with technical questions or with questions on how to prepare for your hearing.

Huerfano County:

Kate Johnson

Las Animas County:

Kate Johnson


General Considerations:

1) Background noise needs to be kept to a minimum, as it will interfere with the ability of everyone to hear testimony and jeopardize the integrity of the recording system.  The use of speaker phones is discouraged.  Keeping your phone on mute helps, but that may not be possible when counsel needs to make objections.

2) If applicable, you will need to have your exhibits organized and delivered to the witnesses, opposing counsel, and the court in advance of the hearing. All exhibit pages will need to be individually numbered, because you will not be able to approach the witness and show them what you are referring to. The copies provided to the court and opposing counsel need to be similarly numbered.

3) Everyone at the hearing needs to make sure that you are in a location with excellent cellular or internet service, you are stationary (not moving around), and if you are using a cell phone, ensure your battery has enough charge to get through the hearing.

4) Only one person can talk at a time. Do not interrupt each other.  Explain to your witness that if an objection is made, they need to stop talking until the judge has ruled on the objection.

5) If your client is going to be in a separate location you need to think about how you will communicate with them confidentially during the hearing (separate phone line, texting, chat, email, etc.) However, you may not communicate with them (or other witnesses) while they are testifying.

6) WebEx only makes an audio record. It does not record the video of the hearing. If a witness is gesturing or pointing to something, you need to provide a verbal record of what the witness is doing if that is important.

7) Make sure that your client/witnesses are fully informed of these requirements well in advance of the hearing.  Talk with your client/witness in advance to ensure they are comfortable with the technology and have the proper equipment to participate in the hearing.


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