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Home Courts By District 20th Judicial District Victim Services
Victim Services
The goal of the Victim Services Unit is to provide assistance to victims of crime in the Twentieth Judicial District (Boulder County). If we cannot provide a direct service, we will work with other community agencies to make an appropriate referral. Victim Assistance Coordinators become involved in a case after the offender has either been found guilty or pled guilty to an offense in either District or County Court and is sentenced to Probation. VAC’s (Victim Assistance Coordinators) will continue to provide services for as long as the offender is on probation. We work on both adult and juvenile cases.
Prior to the sentencing of the offender, the Victim Assistance Coordinator’s are available to assist the victim(s) in preparing and distributing a Victim Impact Statement. The Victim Impact Statement gives victims the opportunity to share with the Court how this offense has impacted them and what they would like to see happen regarding sentencing. These statements can be made in Court or written by the victim or significant others. We can also meet with the victim and prepare a video taped Victim Impact Statement. Victim Impact Statements will be distributed to the Court, District Attorney’s Office and the Defense Attorney. If appropriate, we can also serve as a liason between the victim and the Community Corrections Board during the victim’s participation in the offender’s screening process for Community Corrections funding.
Upon the request of the victim, we will keep them notified regarding the status of a probation case for as long as the person is on probation. (Click here for a complete listing of the notifications given)
Beyond these two main services, Victim Assistance Coordinators are also available to assist victims with additional needs that may be unique to them such as obtaining restraining orders, child visitation and support, safety plans, restitution and restorative justice remedies.
We understand that the criminal justice system can be confusing and frustrating. We do our best to answer and address the questions and needs that victims have. The unit is coordinated by a senior probation officer with over 20 years of experience.

For more information on our current victim services, please contact Victim Assistance Coordinator Danielle Fagan by phone at 303-441-3724 (voicemail 24 hours a day) or by email at

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