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Home Courts By District 20th Judicial District Reparative Panels
Reparative Panels

“To Have Justice in our Community, we need Community in our Justice.“

The Community Restorative Justice Partnership of Boulder County (CRJP) is a non profit organization serving Boulder County since September, 2001. It is a collaborative effort between the Probation Department, District Attorney’s Office, Community Corrections, Sheriff’s Office and the Courts. Panels, which consist of volunteer community members, meet with the adult or juvenile offender, victim(s) and community to discuss the effect of the offense on all parties involved. The major goal of this process is to give all parties an equal voice in identifying the harm, assist the offender to understand and repair the harm caused by the offense and to bring together the victim, offender and community in a process of identifying and making recommendations to repair harm.

Reparative panel members volunteer for a minimum of one year. Currently we have eighteen volunteers forming three separate panels who are professionally trained to facilitate positive, constructive dialogue in a safe, neutral environment. Panels meet on the second Wednesday and first and third Thursday of each month. The process will focus on the incident from the perspective of the offender, the victim and the community. It then moves to discussion, from a strengths based approach on how the offender can repair the harm. Once this is identified, a contract, agreed upon collaboratively, is prepared and signed by all parties. The panel, over a series of subsequent meetings, will then monitor the progress made by the offender toward fulfilling the contract.

The process will focus on harm repair at a number of levels, some of which will include the following:

  • Victim Restoration: Payment of restitution, repairing physical damage to victims property, face to face apology.
  • Offender Reparation: Participation in victim empathy class, victim impact panels, police ride along, other creative opportunities to assist offender with understanding and repairing harm.
  • Community Restoration: Meaningful community service work in an individual or group setting, assisting on special community projects, participating in programs intended to enhance services to the community.
Clients are referred to CRJP by the Courts, District Attorney’s Office, Probation and Private Attorneys. Clients are then screened based on the nature of the incident to determine if they are appropriate for the RJ process. Being accountable and taking responsibility for their actions is a key component in making this determination. Special panels will also consider “High Risk Dialogue” and “High Profile” cases for the RJ process.

For more information on our Restorative Justice program or if you wish to become a volunteer community member please contact  Anne Rogers, Coordinator, CRJP, at 303-441-1773 or E-Mail

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