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Home Courts By District 19th Judicial District DUI Court
DUI Court

The 19th Judicial District’s DUI Court Program is designed to give DUI (Driving Under the Influence) offenders the responsibility of their substance abuse problem through probation supervision and close judicial oversight.

The mission of the Court is to promote public safety by providing intensive court supervision and prompt treatment to qualifying drunk driving offenders. Our goal is to reduce alcohol related driving recidivism amongst the participants by assisting them in maintaining sobriety through education, individual responsibility and accountability.

As a result, the 19th Judicial District has partnered with other agencies to leverage their support, commitment, and resources to the successful implementation of the DUI Court Program in the early months of 2010.   Currently, our DUI Court Planning Team consists of representatives from the 19th Judicial District, District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, Weld County Sheriff, Weld County Corrections, Behavioral Interventions, Creative Counseling, Interventions, and private counsel.

The 19th Judicial District DUI Court, a county court program, targets repeat drunk driving offenders who abuse alcohol at a high level or who are alcohol dependent and whose assessment, including amenability to treatment, require intensive supervision and treatment. The participant undergos a substance abuse assessment and a supervision plan is developed with his/her probation officer that includes random drug testing, treatment, regular court reviews, community service, fines and restitution, and increasingly severe sanctions for non-compliance.

There are numerous benefits for DUI Courts. The regime frees up jail space and in the majority of cases it allows an offender to overcome a substance abuse problem to become a productive member of the community.

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding our program, please feel free to contact Kristin Owens at (970) 475-2476 or by email.

 Participant Handbook                  Eligibilility and Disqualification Criteria 

                 Referral Contract       

      Referral Contract (Spanish)

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