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Home Courts By District 17th Judicial District List of Prohibited Items
Home Courts By District 17th Judicial District List of Prohibited Items
List of Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited and are considered contraband inside this courthouse.  These items are subject to seizure and if any are found in your possession, you may have criminal charges filed against you.    

  • Any form of firearm, ammunition or simulated “toy” weapon.
  • Any form of knife, sharpened object, razor blades, scissors, large handled combs / hair picks or large pointed objects.
  • Any form of an electronic tasing or stunning device.
  • Any form of an aerosol / chemical irritant and self-defense sprays.
  • Any form of a tool, large flashlight or leatherman style tool.
  • Any form of restraining device including a handcuff key.
  • Any form of club, baton or self-defense weapon.
  • Any form of an alcoholic beverage.
  • Any illegal drug or drug paraphernalia.
  • Marijuana, medicinal or otherwise including paraphernalia
  • Any outside drink or beverage that is not in a reseal able clear container (the beverage must be light enough in color for security members to see though in standard light). Standard sized baby bottles are exempt from this rule (provided it is actually for a baby).
  • Any medication, vitamin, supplement that is not in a factory/pharmacy labeled container.

Security has the right to request that you return any item to your vehicle, if upon reasonable grounds the item is considered a security / safety risk.

Violation of the above can result in the filing of criminal charges under Colorado Revised Statutes: 18-9-117: Unlawful Conduct on Public Property.

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