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Home Courts By District 17th Judicial District Officers and Members
Home Courts By District 17th Judicial District Officers and Members
Officers and Members
17th Judicial District Access to Justice Committee

Hon. Craig Welling                  Chairperson                 District Judge

Hon. Brian Bowen                   Vice-Chair                   District Magistrate

Mariana Vielma                       Treasurer                     Bar Association

Loren Brown                           Member                       Bar Association

Norman Campbell                   Member                       Bar Association

Michelle Gaschler                    Member                       Family Court Facilitator

Colleen Kent                           Member                       Interpreter

Andrea Love                           Member                       Project Safeguard

Hon. Simon Mole                    Member                       District Magistrate

Anita Ocana                            Member                       Court Employee Self Help

Natalie Schlidt                         Member                       District Clerk’s Office

Ben Stough                             Member                       District Administrator

Jen Wascak                            Member                       Bar Association

Dianne Van Voothees             Member                       Metro Volunteer Lawyers


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