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Home Courts By District 17th Judicial District Video Library
Video Library

Service of Process: For step-by-step information on how to perform a service of process, please watch the 17th Judicial District's Access to Justice Committee's video on Service of Process.Watch the video by clicking the image below.

YouTube Link:

If you have watched the video, and still have more questions about performing service of process, want to read the script, or find information on a Sheriff's Office in your county, please review answers to additional serving scenarios.

Temporary Protection Orders - A Checklist

Dissolution; The Legal Process and Paperwork

Proceso de Disolucion y Tramites

Meet the Professionals in Dissolution Cases (Judges, CFIs, Mediators)

Maintenance / Alimony

The Parenting Plan

Asking the Court to Modify Child Support

Child Support Services

Filing a Contempt Motion:

Small Claims

Traffic Infractions (tickets) Pt 1

Traffic Infractions (tickets) Pt 2

Evidence - What is It?

Sealing Court Records

Sealing Court Records (Spanish)


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