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Home Courts By District 1st Judicial District VET Court (Veterans Treatment Court)
Home Courts By District 1st Judicial District VET Court (Veterans Treatment Court)
VET Court (Veterans Treatment Court)
  • Mission: The First Judicial District Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) will promote public safety by holding justice-involved veterans accountable for their behavior while providing treatment and support through a team based approach and frequent judicial monitoring.  We will recognize every VTC participant as an individual who should be treated with respect and dignity to promote positive and productive life changes.  We will strive to identify and treat the underlying substance abuse and/or mental health issues that have contributed to criminal justice involvement by coordinating and collaborating with veterans’ service delivery systems, community-based services, victim advocacy groups, and criminal justice agencies.

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  • Click here to access the Veterans Treatment Court Program Handbook for an overview of the program and information on the team, phases, requirements, sanctions, incentives, and more!

  • Goals:

    • Increase public safety by reducing criminal recidivism.

    • Facilitate participant sobriety.

    • Increase compliance with treatment and other court-ordered conditions.

    • Improve access to VA benefits and services.

    • Increase social stability in the areas of housing, education, and employment.

  • Target Population and Program Eligibility: The 1st Judicial District Veterans Recovery Court targets high risk, high need participants who are veterans. These are person with significant histories of substance abuse and prior treatment and supervision failures who are at high risk for engaging in criminal behavior due to their chemical dependence. Participants must agree to discontinue all mood altering substances that are not prescribed by a physician and approved by the Veterans Recovery Court team. To be eligible for referral to the program, offender must meet the following criteria’s: 

  • Current or prior service in any branch of the United States Armed Forces

  • Charged with class 3-class 6 felonies, misdemeanor, repeated alcohol/drug related driving offenses

  • Case status must be deferred judgment, post plea or probation revocation

  • Have functional and cognitive ability to comply with program requirements

  • Offenses must be committed in Jefferson or Gilpin county

  • Entry Process

  • Deferred Judgment

  • The District Attorney will make sole determination on whether referral to the VTC is appropriate for defendant

  • If determined appropriate, defense attorney will complete and submit the Application and Admission and Release of Information to the Probation Supervisor

  • Applicant will contact Probation Supervisor to schedule LSI-R interview

  • The Probation Supervisor will screen potential defendants to ensure they meet minimum eligibility criteria. If defendant does not meet minimum criteria, Probation Supervisor will notify referring party.

  • Probation Supervisor will verify military status, treatable behavioral health, substance abuser co-occurring disorder diagnosis with the VA

  • Completed application will be sent to VTC screening committee

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