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Home Courts By District 1st Judicial District Juvenile Mental Health Court
Home Courts By District 1st Judicial District Juvenile Mental Health Court
Juvenile Mental Health Court
  • Mission: Together through a collaborative behavioral health approach d criminogenic focus, we engage our agency resources to equip juveniles/families to exit the justice system and reduce recidivism.

  • Goals

    • Increase public safety by reducing criminal recidivism.

  • Provide treatment and support, both to the juvenile and their family.

  • Ensure client participation through judicial accountability

  • Support the youth/family in executing the individual case plans

  • Increase family cohesiveness and functioning where possible

  • Assist participants in achieving long-term stability through treatment medication management, family connection and engagement in education and pro-social activities

  • Target Population and Program Eligibility: The 1st Judicial District Juvenile Mental Health Court targets high risk, high need juvenile participants between the age of 10-17. These are person with persistent and serious mental health illness and/or significant histories of substance abuse who are at high risk for engaging in criminal behavior due to their mental health illness. Participants must agree to participate in all referred treatments and discontinue all mood altering substances that are not prescribed by a physician and approved by the Juvenile Mental Health Court team. To be eligible for referral the offender must meet the following criteria’s: 

  • Must be 10-17 at the age offense

  • Must have a First Judicial district JD case

  • Must be able to participate in all service and court appearances

  • Meet mental health diagnosis criteria

  • Probation eligible

  • History of failed supervision and/or treatment intervention

  • Entry Process

  • Referral is made by supervising agency

  • Referral source completes referral packet

  • Once the referral is made, a JMHC specialist will identify appropriate candidates

  • If the referred individual does not meet pre-screen criteria, JMHC will notify screening party and referring party via email.

  • If the referred individual does not pre-screen criteria, JMHC specialist will complete a full assessment

  • If approved for full assessment, referred individual will go undergo a screening process

  • JMHC specialist will present full assessment to the screening committee for final decision

  • Upon completion of the screening process, JHMC specialist will notify the Court and referring party of the screening committee decision

  • If accepted into the program, the JMHC program will become one sentencing option for the court at the time of sentencing. Acceptance into the program does not mean automatic sentence into the program.

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